Monday, August 24, 2015

Unusual interior design and style and decorating in modern style blends the simplicity of minimalist decor and softness of a nature inspired theme, turning an apartment in Moscow into a stunning, vibrant and pleasant residence for a modest household with a teenage girl. Floral motifs generate exclusive atmosphere in modern day interiors, producing spacious apartment decorating tips feel intriguing and tender.

The combination of all-natural materials, wood, bamboo, linen, cotton and wool, soft round shapes and pleasant, all-natural and practically neutral color shades really feel welcoming and sophisticated, enriched with designs, inspired by dandelion plants, flowers and seeds. Light blue, yellow and purple colour shades, employed for fabulous decorative accents, perform well with wood floor, furnishings and wall paint in a neutral colour.

The most interesting interior style and decorating functions mimic the shapes of dandelion plants and seed heads. A creative wall decoration with little round mirrors is inspired by a blooming dandelion. The decorative wall panel adorns entryway design with a golden dandelion stem and round mirrors, which are scattered on the wall around the dandelion stem.

Modern day interior design and style and decorating ideas inspired by dandelions

entryway design with round mirrors inspired by dandelion

Entryway style with round mirrors and changing colour ceiling

Russian architects Andrey and Dmitri Titov created this original style for the entryway wall decoration, reflecting the floral theme. A ceiling beam that stretches from the hallway into the living area, combined with the dandelion wall decoration, direct the view from the front door to the center of the apartment.

Altering color of the ceiling beam from yellow to red and white produce a exclusive impact that is surprising, inventive and attractive.

contemporary living room design with decorative wall panels

Contemporary living area design and style and decorating, inspired by dandelion, seed head-like chandelier and soft round shapes

The living area and dining room are decorated with wall panels produced of exotic wood, adding luxury to contemporary interior design and decorating tips. Horizontal lines on wood creates a sense of expanding residence interiors. Bamboo flooring, maple wood inserts of wall decoration and huge chandelier that looks like a dandelion seed head, turn the space into a fabulous garden and a pleasant retreat in a large city.

Amazing modern lighting design and style with indoor plants increasing upside down

Modern furniture from Wild Style, exclusive furniture style ideas

Environmentally friendly supplies add a all-natural really feel to apartment suggestions. Organic components in interior design and style and decorating are spiced up by inspiring floral motifs and create an atmosphere of warm and friendly, peaceful and stylish residence interiors in contemporary style.

girl teenage bedroom design in pink and purple colors

Girl teenage bedroom design, modern day interior design and style and decorating, gray wall and pink and purple color shades for accents

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