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Multifunctional furniture style is one particular of popular trends that delivers space saving furnishings for tiny spaces. Coffee bench, developed by Karolina Tylka is a blend of a bench, chairs and a table that make room transformation straightforward and easy.

The multifunctional bench style attributes handful of rotating parts with adjustable gaps amongst them, enabling to decrease the use of space even though supplying comfy areas for rest and work. This space saving style notion is ideal for modest spaces.

The design inspiration came from the require of getting a coffee in the garden and no space to location the cup or a newspaper. Seats and table style is adjusted by rotating elements of the bench, generating comfortable combinations for different tasks.

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Transformer design and style thought, space saving furnishings for small spaces

Multifunctional bench that transforms into tables and chairs

space saving furniture design for small rooms

Space saving furniture style for small spaces

The item is creted by polish designer Karolina Tylka and created in Poland. The bench frame is created of stainless or galvanized steel. There is also a soft version for indoor residence decorating with seats surface finished with leather or felt.

Multifunctional furniture pieces are available in distinct lengths, from 1 up to three meters (3 ‘ to 10′) and a variety of supplies. Moving components can be created of plywood, injection-molded plastics, cellulose and honeycomb cardboard.

bench that transforms into tables and chairs

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The bench was created as a garden furnishings piece, but it can be also utilized for various public spaces, offices and residences, supplying a creative space saving furnishings design and adding visual interest to modern interiors.

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