Saturday, August 22, 2015

There are numerous methods to use and recycle things that clutter residences, producing stunning house decorations or lighting fixtures. Designer from France Melissa Fradie make lovely eco friendly items for house decorating, recycling old or broken things.

The designer got involved in eco-style about three years ago. Project Garbage Style delivers a new appear at old things that can be transformed into remarkable property decorations or lighting fixtures. Adoring vintage trinkets, antiques and fascinating old items, the designer provides a new life to employed or broken products that clutter residences.

Furniture, decor accessories, lighting fixtures and even jewelry from Garage Style, www.garbage-design and are produced of old useless products. Melissa Fradie is trying to rewrite the history of employed products, producing distinctive and eye-catching items for property decorating.

Recycling wood panels for coat racks and wall panels, handmade decorative accessories

Plastic and glass recycling for fences constructed of empty bottles, 20 green constructing suggestions

Lighting fixtures

unique table lampDistinctive table lamp produced of useless issues

table lamp made of clutterTable lamp, ways to reuse and recycle useless items

When Melissa sees something broken or discover fascinating products on a flea market, she picks them up or purchase them. The fantasy creates a new item.

The designer lock herself in her style studio, cleaning, drilling, cutting, digging in storage to uncover the other components, that can work for producing home decorations, furniture, decor accessories or lighting fixtures.

chair backrest made of potsChair backrest made of pots, creative approaches to reuse and recycle clutter for furniture

The designer performs with broken old lamp bases, graters for cheese, typewriters, scales, drums of washing machines, caps for perfume bottles, old vinyl records, tea kettles, sewing machines, clocks, tin cans, pots and turn them into functional and stylish property decorations, furnishings, decor accessories, lighting fixtures for lovely house decorating.

Recycling tripods and washing machines for modern floor lamps, special lghting ideas

21 tips for making option Christmas treed to recycle clutter and save funds

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