Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Modern interior design and style tips from Spanish architects and decorators are bold and vibrant. Simple lines, white area colors, surprising colour combinations and unexpected decorating ideas produce impressive interior style with artistic flavor.

Portago Urban hotel made by Ilmiodesign is positioned in Granada, Spain. The hotel is not massive, featuring 4 floors, a reception location, a terrace which gives a panoramic view of the landscape, a breakfast area, a coffee bar and attractively decorated bedrooms in white color.

Black and white room colors are emphasized with rich blue, orange, red, purple and pink color accents. The ceilings and walls are painted in white, which tends to make it look clean and fresh. Area colors produce dynamic contrasts that produce energetic spaces. Interior design feels interesting, youthful and thrilling.

Contemporary chairs and lamps produced of felt and knitted fabric, exclusive furnishings and lighting tips

Hotel expertise in redesigned old planes

black and white decorating with hat lighting designsBlack and white decorating with Hat lighting designs and blue carpet flooring

White room colors are an outstanding neutral background for playing with bright colour shades which add diverse mood to every single area decorating and generate distinctive interior style.

The hotel delivers twenty five bedrooms. Bright and colorful carpet flooring unite interiors. All floors are covered with colorful InterfaceFlor carpets. Inventive carpet flooring bring geometrical styles primarily based on contrasts and different hues of the same color to contemporary interior design.

pink carpet flooringPink carpet flooring and black and white bedroom decorating with Hat ceiling lights

Area decor accessories in vibrant colors are great accents that emphasize vibrant and colorful flooring ideas.

Floor carpet tiles and space saving modern day flooring concepts

Contemporary floor decor concepts, exclusive modern location rugs

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