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The most current trends and styles of modern rugs in various designs and models for each area at residence and the new colors of modern rugs

In the last post i talk about Newest bathroom rugs and rug sets, and won excellent Popularity, so my close friends and our guests asked me to provide one catalog of latest modern rugs like this final album, so i write this report now, let us start off :) .

Contemporary rugs with latest trends
Modern rugs with most recent trends

When decorating our home that we usually appear for detail that gives character to our house once again in one particular location. Especially when it comes to decorating the living area because it is exactly where we obtain our guests, and we constantly want to give a great 1st impression.

But what may be the detail !!

Nowadays, we reside in a boom design and style interior. There are designers of lamps, mirrors, of furnishings , totally almost everything. There are designers of all designs and there is often someone that will match our taste.

Within the range of designers, designers of rugs or carpets . Designers played with shapes, volumes and colors, altering the classic concept we have of a modern rugs.

If you are tired of that colorless square rugs that you have in your living space, right here we offer a choice of contemporary rugs that dazzle you.

contemporary rugs, colorful rugs

The designer Enrique Eguino presents his collection Japan . Inspired by pictures of classic and modern Japan, these rugs have a self-image "pixelated" of our instances. Using a wide variety of colors, and bullet trains geishas reside together in this collection of luxury.

The game is the principal element of the collection Nurbs Veo Veo house in Spain. The contemporary rugs in this collection are created ​​of puzzle pieces, giving the rug a geometric and playful way.

Each puzzle piece has a diverse design, but within the same color variety to preserve the harmony of design.

contemporary rugs, blue pauzzle rug
blue puzzle rug

Another playful proposal brings us Sonya Winner , a designer with substantial expertise rugs. She has launched her most recent collection: Right after Matisse . The centerpiece of this collection is created ​​by a set of vivid pictures as that characterized the perform of Matisse colors. This pictures look to have been thrown randomly into the ground producing original rug also in its types.

contemporary rugs, contemporary colorful rugs
modern colorful rug

In a a lot more urban style , Linus Dean has developed a line of rugs inspired by such diverse cities as Barcelona or Chicago.

The New York model is inspired by the numerous posters that abound in the Huge Apple, a model of straightforward lines on a black and white classic rugs.

contemporary rugs, urban style rug, black and white rugs
urban style rug, black and white

And in New York we go south, exactly where Argentina artist Alexandra Kehayoglu developed the contemporary rugs Grasslands , evoking the colors and textures of the Argentina pampas.

This rug playing with irregular volumes gives us the feeling of possessing a modest garden inside the property and invites us to shelter us in it.

contemporary rugs with latest trends

If you do not know how you can decide on rugs for your home you can comply with the beneath hyperlink, because it provide great suggestions to picking region rug.

How to select an area rug ?

More designs of modern rugs:

contemporary rugs, soft white rugs
contemporary white rug

contemporary rugs, art rugs
art rug for house in art deco style

contemporary rugs, contemporary wave rug, colorful rugs
modern wave rug

contemporary rugs, stone rug contemporary style
stone rug contemporary style

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