Monday, September 28, 2015

Unique lighting fixtures from Medusae Collection are jellyfish shaped pendants. Their slender shapes and lengthy flowing hair add an amazing character to contemporary interior design and style and decor, offering beautiful pendant lights and chandeliers.

Symmetrical lighting fixtures, inspired by jellyfish, appear classy and sophisticated, supplying pleasantly glowing light. Asymmetrical pendant lights add interest to interior design, enhancing decor concepts with soft light. These semi-transparent floating overhead lighting fixtures produce an ethereal atmosphere, ideal for a romantic dining area decorating or a cozy evening in your living space.

The distinctive lighting collection involves a series of unusual pendant lights created by Roxy Russell Style,, which believes that nature inspired lighting fixtures enrich modern day interior design and add a bit of mysterious light for making area decor really feel fabulous and relaxing.

Pendant lights inspired by jellyfish

designer lighting fixtures

Special lighting fixtures for meaningful and eco friendly interior style, jellyfish shaped pendant lights

These lighting fixtures provide a soft glow and remind of the mystical underwater planet. The designer says that the ocean is a boundless supply of inspiration for many of her projects.

The Medusae collection of creative pendant lights is an try to pay tribute to the ocean and draw interest to the developing issue of the pollution in oceans.

pendant lights for dining room decorating

Special lighting collection, dining room decorating with pendant lights

These eye-catching and special lighting fixtures are made of light plastic and look weightless. The designer explained that any material should be used wisely with reuse and recycle in mind. She emphasized that all components utilized for producing these special lighting collection can be recycled.

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