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By number of intriguing and lovely options for children's rooms runetovskih designers - the absolute leader. The fact that Western decorators come up in this location, just pales in comparison with the flight of fancy of our compatriots. Brightness, originality and practicality (which is especially essential for small apartments), as a rule, are combined in the most harmonious "cocktail."

The reason is, apparently, a couple of "national characteristics". First, "our" designers and their clients are not attempting to produce a "universal" children's rooms, the form of which does not modify over the years and, rightly considering that childhood - the only age when all hobbies can be implemented with no regard to the opinions of others. The second is the distinction from the "Western strategy" - the recognition that children's right to be entirely in contrast to any other space in the property, regardless of the style that is selected for the "adult interior."

All this creates a lot of original styles children's rooms, the ideal of which we show to our readers in case digests . And this issue - one more jewel in the treasury of concepts. We incorporated ten amazing projects from the children's rooms of the Chelyabinsk "Insomnia" and its two authors - a talented leader and Valerie Stennikovoy young designer Darya Kaidalova.

All projects are in diverse angles and with our description of interiors. Locate extensive inspirational ideas for your child's area (for 4 rooms for girls and boys, which includes - for the two kids of the same sex as properly - two versatile rooms for two children).

Bright interiors children's rooms and cool designs for boys, girls

four of the children's rooms for girls:

colorful globe of babes:

Active youngsters need a lot of space to play, but also the functionality of the scenario should not be impacted. That is why Valeria Stennikova has thought a lot of practical towns for storing toys, books and clothing. As a result, the draw-out drawers are provided below the bed with a canopy and a stool, they are easy to deal with herself infant. But some of the items is larger, they can reach out to adults only, in what is also a specific logic. Such a division of "spheres of influence" and supplied for the cabinet, wardrobe.

Sensible information are complemented by original style, exciting for the kid. Little girls like the vibrant colors, so it was selected mixture of lavender, light green and white. Part of the ceiling - now the sky with clouds, elegantly ajar due to the second level. Above the sofa for relaxation created decorative boxes - a wonderful imitation, which intersects with the choice in harmony ceiling.

young lilac:

And this project was produced for a younger schoolgirl. Shape of the room can not be known as comfy, it is narrow and long. However, the outcome was excellent.

Children's divided into two unequal components. One is the sofa and wardrobe closet, and 1 that is smaller and next to the window - the workplace and beauty region. Separated zone decorative arch design and style element that goes into decorating the wall above the sofa, and in part - on the table. Sophisticated purple color in combination with white and creamy like a tiny boudoir, and the painting on the wall and lighting improve the romantic atmosphere.

Jolly classic:

If you have a little princess grows up and a lot of room in the home, why not arrange for it if not a palace, but at least a genuine royal bedchamber? This child is created ​​by all the canons of classics, but did not look boring. On the contrary, it will appeal to a girl of any age.

Copied space appears like a fairy-tale palace: and a monogram on the ceiling and graceful drapery of tulle and flirty ottoman, and a good dressing table in front of a mirror. White, cyan, magenta, yellow - the colors, as well as all sorts of cute small factors will not allow the girl to get bored with childhood, they will be grafted and it is truly a royal taste.

Bright interiors children's rooms and classic styles for girls

fantastic planet (area for two girls) :

author of the project - Daria Kaidalova.

regarded that the most appropriate colour for girls - pink. But its mixture with purple and salad looks a lot more interesting. The atmosphere is reminiscent of the space is not the fairy-tale forest, not the uncharted planet. Wealthy colors sisters charged with energy for the entire day, and the smooth curves of the ceiling and a image of the carpet make the interior even far more harmonious. Uncommon specifics, such as the chandelier and ottoman, make the room a touch of enjoyable.

All the furniture - and a work area, and a Television, and wall bars - arranged compact and practical. The same can be stated about the beds - a spot to sleep does not take a lot space, but it holds and the bed and sofa, and wardrobe, and shelves for toys.

4 of the children's rooms for boys:

Auto Show:

Young racer does not get tired of vibrant colors - on the contrary, they charge it with power. So Valeria Stennikova decided to turn the youngster into a modest circuit. The walls are decorated with wheels, racing flags and other symbols. Of course, there had been no beds, auto and wall bars to warm up before races. Bedside cabinets are also created ​​in the form of wheels. The colour scheme - a combination of red, plum, white and black.

What racer live with out a computer and a desk with the most current technologies? It was so equipped workplace. There is enough space for books, boxes of toys and wardrobe. Young children are nicely lit with natural light from the window, but gives fairly a few ceiling lights to the young Schumacher was the ultimate in comfort.

Vibrant interiors children's rooms and cool designs for boys

orange sun:

Another child - also for the fan of vehicles, but a lot more moderate in nature. Tiny master, besides, still loves to draw. He likes bright colors, but as adults, it often wants a break from the abundance of colors.

The room has a lot of vibrant orange accents (sofa, chair, shelves, curtains), but sufficient and quiet tones - beige and coffee. In such an interior youngster does not get bored, but do not get tired of the excessive brightness. This nursery is located in a nation home, so Valerie Stennikovoy had to function hard to turn it into a bright space that is distinct from the circumstance of the other rooms.

cozy space:

the author of the project - Daria Kaidalova

And this - the young lover of children's space. Practically nothing ought to interfere with momentary start, which is why a area created ​​without unnecessary frills, but sensible. The combination of white walls with blue and green accents and is associated a lot more with the style of the sea and eco. Practical and practical furnishings placement leaves maximum space and a compact wall of a modest Swedish adventurer will never ever neglect the warm-up prior to the "flight".

complete life - the game (room for two boys):

What you need to have little football player? Of course, a maximum space. And the two young players? Even more totally free space. Even so, Valery Stennikova coped with this difficult activity.

Of course, football symbolism in this child is everywhere. Ottoman in the form of balls, stickers on walls and even drawing on the ceiling ... The mixture of black and white kids will tire quickly, so it is diluted with bright colors. Rainbow wall carpet in sunny colors, bright curtains - all situations for small rascals will never become discouraged and headed for victory even much more active.

Parents assistance children's desire to not only the sport, but also for understanding. The room has a telescope, and a tiny children's library, and a comfortable perform desk, did not interfere with active games.

children's rooms cool styles for boys

2 projects of universal children's rooms for two young children

together - the far more enjoyable:

This area was produced for 2 year old boy and his 6-month-old sister. Despite the friendship of kids, the parents wanted to clearly divide the space into two areas to growing up, young children do not interfere with each other and understand to appreciate their territory.

Ikeevskie bed (the exact same model, but diverse colors) are arranged along a single wall, in front of which there is a play region. With this decision, the kids will never be any dispute relating to the bunk bed (which is often utilised in young children for two hosts). In between cots installed decorative wall with a window and original decor at the top of simulating roof of the property.

An additional non-trivial strategy - disguise supporting column. You would by no means guess exactly where it is! In fact - the right of the window, covered with soft panels. A comparable building is done and the left, now there is hidden locker for toys. Amongst these structures (at the window) - comfortable sofa, below which you can also shop the toys.

But this space is not only functional, but also extremely cute: vibrant interior paint is so pure that appears like a true rainbow.

Vibrant interiors children's rooms and cool designs for two kids

a note of the East:

Can the Japanese style decor combined with a child's area? It is! It is only required to incorporate fantasy.

This interior adopted the greatest of Japanese style: natural materials, bright colors, red accents, plenty of storage space. All this is particularly essential in the nursery, where the vital spacious location to play, lots of light and brightness.

The space has a lot of intriguing accessories: striped chair swing and colorful sofa of "cubes", the wonderful carpet with abstract pattern and stadiometer in the form of a flower.

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