Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Distinctive lighting fixtures that look like flat and bended panels bring fascinating optical illusions and surprising lighting design and style suggestions into interior decorating. Wall lamps Illusion are created of nylon plastic and designed by Lenka Czereova, Slovakia.

These creative wall lights function versatile OLED displays, producing the illusion lamps that allows to obtain power efficiency by way of its innovative modern design and style in minimalist style. Offered
in a corner luminaire variation as well, the wall lights are versatile and can be used for any interior decorating.

The designer lighting appears as if the panel is peeling off the surface, adding glowing light that illuminates the surrounding surface in a subtle manner. These lighting fixtures can be employed on the floor, furnishings and for wall decoration.

Illusion lighting design and style

unique lighting made like bended panel

Unique lighting design notion

The original shape of these exclusive lighting fixtures after once more proves that items are not what they look. The bend plastic strip on a wall, table or floor gives a soft lighting source that enriches interior decorating with intimate and cozy atmosphere.

This fascinating, surprising and special lighting fixtures are ideal for adding contemporary accents to interior decorating. The Illusion lamps make great gifts and best for all who appreciate innovative design and style.

wall light for kitchen decorating

Illusion lamp on the wall

Unique lighting fixtures

Special lighting fixtures with lamp shades created of cedar wood and inspired by cameras

Distinctive lighting fixtures blending recycling paper with art of design and style

Distinctive lighting fixtures with handmade paper lamp shades

unique lighting fixtures for floor decoration

Unique lighting for floor decoration

pictures © Symon Klimanplastic wall lights contemporary lighting design plastic wall lamps striped plastic light

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