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According to the Chinese Zodiac, the year of 2013 is the year of the Black Water Snake, which begins on February 10, 2013 and ends on January 30, 2014. Snake years are connected with dark colors, green, purplish red, blue and black. All wealthy and dark shades of these Feng Shui colors harmonize interior decorating in the year of the snake and shield property and folks.

Dark Feng Shui colors 2013 add comfort and a sense of security to modern day interior decorating. Feng Shui cures for 2013 are photos of water snakes and water plants, ponds, ferns, heather and thistle plants. Decoration patterns and textures, inspired by snake skin and water plants will Feng Shui property interior style in 2013 and make modern interiors appear fascinating and peaceful, cozy and tranquil.

The snake is a studious creature, preferring quiet predictability to ruckus and mayhem. Peaceful solitude is also a Saturn preference. It’s not surprising that Saturn has such a strong influence during the year of the Snake, … 1953, 2013, 2073 … Celebrate the 2013 year of the black water Snake with deep, cozy and comfortable dark colors. Honor the modify and new beginning with comfortable and constructive thoughts. A pine twig represents the Snake. Add this Feng Shui symbol to your interior decorating suggestions in 2013.

Noble blue color shades for wealthy interior decorating

Sapphire blue colors, deep blue color combinations for interior decorating

Black and blue colors to Feng Shui residence for wealth in 2013

gray and blue color shades

Blue color shades, that symbolize Water Element, Feng Shui property for wealth in the year of the black water Snake

black water snake

Black interior decorating colour shades and bright colors for accents

In mythology the Snake is a character that can heal a physical body even though shifting to a a lot more spiritual outlook. Expect a accurate release of past blockages this 2013 year. A wonderful deal of quite progress can be made in the 2013 year of the Snake with the support of the planetary energy, decluttering and bringing Feng Shui colors and Feng Shui cures into your interior decorating. Slow and steady improvement, combined with comfy dark room colors win the race in 2013 year of the black water Snake.

According to ancient Chinese horoscope, sophisticated black color and all its shades are excellent Feng Shui colors for interior decorating in 2013. Also dark blue and green colors, rich light blue and purplish rd color tones are superb for modern interior decorating accents that will support Feng Shui property design and style and decor in 2013.

blue water and black and white bathroom design

Blue water in bathtub and black and white bathroom style to Feng Shui house for wealth in 2013

Black colour symbolizes the evening and deep water, producing a fantastic background for events and bold changes. Black colour allows to experiment with all distinct hues, adding elegance and romantic feel to contemporary interior decorating. Black and dark blue colors are primary Feng Shui colors for 2013. All other dark colors, specifically green and purplish red are ideal for accents.

The Dragon year Feng Shui colors and interior decorating concepts

Feng Shui color for home style, colour meanings

The Snake is an enigmatic, intuitive, introspective, refined and collected of the Animals Indicators. Ancient Chinese wisdom says a Snake in the house is a good omen, since it means that your household will not starve. Dark Feng Shui colors 2013, the year of the black water Snake, look very intelligent, providing versatile and smart options for contemporary interior decorating.

living room with black wall

Living area with black wall and blue floor rug, comfy dark colors for contemporary interior decorating in 2013

Dark Feng Shui colors for 2013 are wonderful for making peaceful and quiet environment, cozy corners for meditation or just relaxation. Ancient Chinese Feng Shui practitioners believes that these interior decorating colors support boost your enterprise, attract excellent luck and Feng Shui property for wealth, protecting folks.

Lunar New Year celebration and Asian decorations

Black and white with colour accents, white-n-black interior decorating and color psychology

The ancient Chinese horoscope shows that 2013 year of the black water Snake is going to be exciting for numerous. There will be each ups and downs, and for some the ups will be very high and the downs will be fairly low. Dark Feng Shui colors 2013 that are excellent for creating comfy, cozy and quiet interior decorating, relaxing green colors and peaceful blue and blue-green colors (deep turquoise color shades,) will turn your house into an sophisticated, tranquil and harmonized, pleasant and fashionable retreat where you can loosen up and rejuvenate.

black wall paint, white furniture and bright accessories for kids room

Black wall paint, white desk and bright colorful accents for kids area decorating

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