Friday, September 25, 2015

A simple and intriguing storage furniture design and style concept permits to expand storage space on the exact same ground surface, adding a lot more shelves to a storage cabinet and altering interior decorating with a new style. Space saving storage cabinet is a inventive try to use each inch of beneficial storage spaces, supplying sensible, simple and attractive storage furnishings style.

The expanding storage cabinet is developed by Yi Cong Lu. The shelves of Developing Cabinet expand on each and every side, creating more storage space for books and papers. Extra storage space is developed by pulling a drawer, which can be used as an extra storage shelf.

Made of plywood and steel the expanding storage furnishings piece is strong and durable, while featuring basic and smart design and style.

Storage cabinet with added shelves and drawers

storage cabinet that expands Expanding Cabinet, space saving suggestions for storage furnishings style

Apparently ordinary shelves are created as drawers that supply a lot more storage space when pulled towards exterior.  Two large drawers and two sets of smaller drawers add balance to the expanding storage cabinet and make furniture design steady and safe.

This storage furniture item give a special opportunity to change the cabinet shape and size, adding a fresh detail to interior decorating and generating space decor far more functional and comfy.

storage cabinet with extanding shelves and drawersStorage cabinet with extanding selves and drawers

This growing storage cabinet is excellent for home offices and teenage bedrooms, craft rooms and studio apartments. Men and women gather too many things that feel valuable at the moment. Following decluttering and acquiring rid of useless, old or broken things, the storage cabinet can shrink, hunting like a classic storage furniture.

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