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Exposed ceiling beams nowadays are generally not functional and decorative. How to use decorative beams in the interior? Which effects combine to generate this interior element and how to construct

decorative ceiling beams in the interiorRegardless of the geographical origin of agricultural dwelling, most individuals associate it with live fire in the stove and wooden structural components: beams, rafters. Though presently not only build homes out of wood, and the furnace heating is not a priority, but several owners of country homes favor to place stove or fireplace and exposed beams decorate the ceiling. These information bring a unique charm in the home, generating an atmosphere of a great classic property.

Ceiling beams decorate the ceiling even in urban residences and apartments of concrete and brick. Really much attractive these elements authentic interior for resident "concrete jungle."

Thus, the open beams are these days generally not functional and decorative. This item is named - "decorative bar." How to use decorative beams in the interior? Which effects combine to produce this interior element and how to construct?

decorative ceiling beams in the interior living room

What great ceiling beams in the interior?

decorative ceiling beams in modern interior
decorative ceiling beams for modern day interior

If higher ceilings, exposed beams accentuate the area volume. If the space is too high, that deprives him of comfort, low beams can be positioned under the ceiling - it really is visually minimize its level, and the quantity of area the feelings will be far more comfortable.

Attics and lofts style pitched ceiling beams assists to bring order into the space - the space becomes much more harmonious.

"Hollow" beams ( false beams) can mask the wiring and other communications, reaching to the ceiling. Design and style, simulate beams, ducts and how to use the luminaire.

And, of course, is to say that the decorative beams - a straightforward, effortless to install and very inexpensive way to make the original ceiling.

For which designs match ceiling beams?

silver ceiling beams for bedroom interiorBeams can decorate the interior ceiling in practically any style, from historical classics to cutting edge higher-tech . Effectively, when it comes to interiors in ethnic types, the beams - it does what "designer prescribed."

If it really is a classic with pretensions to luxury, you can decorate the painted beams, vignettes thread. Fit and colour in delicate color or even silver.

In strict classical interiors look great smooth varnished beams - dark or white.

ceiling with exposed beans in the interior
ceiling with exposed beans in the interior

decorative beams illuminated for bedroom
decorative beamsilluminated for bedroom

Smooth white, black and gray beams suitable for modern day interiors. Right here this element is no much less impressive. The difference is that in the modern interior permitted creativity and bold choices. For example, the beam can be painted not only in white, dark brown or black, but in bright color - let's make them red, blue, or even pink.

beams ceiling for modern kitchen interior

grey beams in modern ceiling interior
grey beams in contemporary ceiling interior

beams ceiling in modern interior
beams ceiling in modern day interior

In interiors, loft-style and higher-tech beams can be metallic or colored paint with metallic effect. By the way, in contemporary interiors beams on the ceiling frequently coexist with the brickwork on the walls. This "industrial style", the reference to the theme of old abandoned factories and warehouses converted into modern luxury apartments.

beams ceiling designs for bedroom interior
beams ceiling styles for bedroom interior

beamed ceiling for bedroom in loft styleComponents of this style ( Loft ) can be repeated in the usual tiny apartment. Small beams, bricks small bit of glass and metal, some " naked " light bulbs and wires exposed to view - and you can take pleasure in a loft atmosphere.

For the interior of rustic undoubtedly much better pick beams that mimic aged wood ( wood beams ). And right here the beam can be both bright and quite dark. Distinguishes their roughness, texture. Color beams can be really contrasting all through the interior and with nothing at all combined.

beamed ceiling in the country style interior
beamed ceiling in the nation style interior

If we speak about the French country style (Provence), there is frequently a fairly neat beams and "sophisticated." Preference is provided to bright, whitewashed beams.

Beamed ceiling in the interior: color matters

Beams, contrasting ceiling, pull a lot of consideration to themselves. If you want to focus on consoles, let them be extremely contrasting ceiling and throughout the interior.

dark beams in the ceiling light
dark beams in the ceiling light

Most typically contrasting color beams have dark wood, whilst the ceiling is white. But maybe the opposite resolution: light and dark ceiling beams, despite the fact that it is not nearly as impressive.

ceiling beams design ideas for bedroom interior
ceiling beams design and style tips for bedroom interior

beamed ceiling cofferd design for interior kitchen
beamed ceiling cofferd style for interior kitchen

blue ceiling with exposed beamsIf beams merge with the colour of the ceiling, they pay for themselves much less attention, but their influence can not be overlooked. Staying in the shade, ceiling beams add volume, make it a structural, producing dynamics. Speaking of beams, merging with the ceiling, typically involve either white or "wooden" beams to the respective ceilings. Even so, you can discover other options: for instance, the ceiling, the beams can be yellow , blue, lilac, etc.

ceiling with exposed beams for kitchen
ceiling with exposed beams for kitchen

In the case of contrasting beams also apply a range of palettes. For instance, the beam can be white, and the ceiling - blue.

decorative ceiling beams in the interior
decorative ceiling beams in the interior

Decision of colour and ceiling beams is based on the style, color schemes for interior shades furnishings and textiles, and so forth. What need to be consistent with beams in the interior? anything. They can match the color of wood floors or furnishings. They can be contrasting canvas ceiling, but to match the colour of the walls. There are no strict guidelines.

beamed ceiling in the bedroom interior
beamed ceiling in the bedroom interior

You just need to take into account that dark beams appear like a bulky and heavy. White beams look weightless. Beams of light gray colour wood interior make coldish, with calm and serene. Black graphic top quality beams are added, producing rhythm, generating the interior a dynamic and "difficult".

beamed ceiling in the living room interior
beamed ceiling in the living room interior

how to use beams in the interior

How to arrange the beams in the interior ceiling?

Beams can visually modify the geometry of the space. To visually expand the area, need to be placed across the width of the beam. Effectively, the place along the wide side will make the area a lot more elongated appearance.

beamed ceiling for kitchen interior
beamed ceiling for kitchen interior

Not to change the geometry, the beams can be placed crosswise (lattice). Will imitation coffered ceilings . This adds the finishing beams ceiling volume.

Decorative ceiling beams, wood beams in the interior

beams ceiling, cofferd ceiling with ligjting
ceiling beams, cofferd ceiling with ligjting

Style beamed ceiling and little regions. This may be a "grid" and "Tree" of the beams, and other shapes.

decorative ceiling beams in the interior

Beams are utilised for decoration and ceiling structures niches in plasterboard.

One big beam in the ceiling area can share in this case it is mounted at the junction zones - for instance, over the dining table, bar , etc. Such separation equip beam lamps.

Decorative ceiling beams, wood beams in the interiorBeams from the ceiling can go on the wall. And on the wall and can go no bar at all but a thin strip in the colour of the beam. This method can be utilised to visually adjust the disadvantage of the low ceiling.

If really higher ceilings, exposed beams can be omitted, fixing them on opposite walls. This visually organizes as well volumetric space.

Beams and decor:

In the kitchen on the beams can be mounted numerous hooks and holders, hanging them utensils, baskets. Beam more than the bar can be fitted for glasses holders.

kitchen ceiling with exposed beams
kitchen ceiling with exposed beams

In a nation style kitchen on the beams hung bunches of herbs and dried bouquets.

The rooms in the recessed spotlights beams or hung them on light sources, like chandeliers. In modern day interiors loft-kind lamps on wires or chains just snapped, tied up or hung on the beam.

Decorative ceiling beams, wood beams in the interior

Beams, in fact, you can hang anything - from image frames on the chains or ropes on the shelves and ending the Tv panel on particular ceiling brackets. If this is accurate beams, they even hang a swing or "air" chair.

interior decor with exposed beams
interior decor with exposed beams

Ceiling Beams in the interior: what and how?

These complete-bodied beams of wood - a luxury only offered primarily to these who reside in their personal residence. And the presence of wooden beams as architectural style elements ought to be provided in advance, at the construction stage. Mounted wooden beams for aesthetics in most situations does not appear acceptable: they are also heavy, and expensive. A lot simpler to produce an imitation of wooden beams, good imitation of these are indistinguishable in appearance from the original.

Imitation wooden beams are generally created of polyurethane. Polyurethane beams weigh very tiny, which drastically simplifies the installation approach. Their cost is not higher. They may possibly look differently: as beams from the old, cracking wood or as smoothly sanded.

Polyurethane beams ceiling in the interior
Polyurethane beams

Another benefit of polyurethane beams - moisture. They can, with out worry, to actively engage in the kitchen and bathroom.

Polyurethane beams ceiling in the interiorU-shaped - is also a massive plus. Beam is hollow, so it effectively performs the function of the so-referred to as cable channel, exactly where you can hide the wires, cables and even pipe. In such beams easily and simply mounted fixtures .

Establish such false beams in diverse approaches:

First, you can build on the ceiling in the field of the future place of the beams similarity crates wooden or metal profiles, and then secured to the joists lath screws. However, if the beams are not too big, you can merely place on the liquid nails.

For sufficiently heavy beams employed the combined approach. Very first, the ceiling fixed wooden blocks (little bars). The edges of the beam and smeared with glue applied to the ceiling. When this beam is additional connected with a wooden block with screws fixed to the ceiling. Beam, fixed with screws and glue, will sit securely in location.

Imitation beams in the interior ceiling:

can be carried out by oneself - it does not necessarily buy the beams of polyurethane or plastic. may possibly be constructed of drywall or plywood light.

1st you need to have to decide the size and place of beams, then make marks on the ceiling and mounted on frames created of metal marking profiles separate frame for every false beams.

Following that you ought to cut out parts of the desired size of drywall or plywood and fasten them with screws to the frame. In fact, turn out lengthy narrow ducts. When all the styles are ready, they will be putty, then sanded, primed and covered with paint.

Such false beams are very good that owners can choose the size, and colour. Nonetheless, to create an imitation wooden beams will be hard, but there is a resolution - for instance, to paste-beam ducts plastic film beneath a tree. Even though smooth and painted beams appear just beautiful.

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