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Modern day interior style trends show the direction of development of new collections, decorative components and decorating ideas. Each and every year the business brings a large quantity of new collections for modern interior design and style and decorating, which tends to make it tough to select the best solutions for your house.

Modern wallpaper patterns come in a variety of designs and colors, encouraging to experiment with a variety of textures and designs. Original wallpaper patterns in vibrant colors, huge designs and pictures, classic little wallpaper patterns in light pastel colors are prime modern wallpaper style trends for 2013.

Modern day wallpaper that provides an exceptional background for creative interior decorating, whilst attracting the attention and setting the mood is one of modern day interior design and style trends 2013. Ethnic wallpaper patterns, African, American ad Asian ornaments, huge abstract patterns, contrasting vertical stripes that appear like watercolor paintings will create beautiful modern interiors in 2013.

wall decoration ideasModern interior style trends2013, wall decorating components

Contemporary wallpaper patterns 2013

Modern day wallpaper styles that appear like fabric, wood, brick, organic stone, cement or metal are striking interior design trends for interiors 2013. Stunning wallpapers with 3-dimensional textures and images will turn lacking any interest walls into striking interior design and style elements.

Big photos, unusual perspective and impressive scale develop incredible wall styles that will substantially modify interior style.

Nowadays designers develop new wallpaper patterns, exploring endless possibilities of digital printing and making beautiful patterns and compositions, transforming contemporary interior design and style and decorating concepts, and blending familiar ad unexpected into stunning wallpapers.

striped wallpaper in red colorStriped wallpaper in red colour, watercolor patterns for contemporary wall decoration

Digital printing creates modern wallpaper styles that look like different decorating supplies, fabric, wood, brick, organic stone, cement or metal, and imitate wall decoration strategies with an incredible accuracy, offering interior design and style trends inspired and supported by modern personal computer technology.

Modern day wallpaper patterns and colors, interior style in eco style

Contemporary interior style with stripes, striped wallpaper and house decorating fabrics

Contemporary wallpaper designs that look like embroidery or painting are exciting interior style trends that bring ancient art and crafts into contemporary wall decoration. Architectural designs and butterfly pictures, hats and jewelry items, numerous gorgeous wallpapers will suit any style and taste.

beautiful wallpapers that look like lace and embroideryLovely wallpapers that look like lace fabric and embroidery, contemporary wall decoration tips

Eco friendly wallpaper styles 2013

Latest wallpaper collections offer you gorgeous wallpapers (LG Hausys) that clean the air. These modern wallpaper look traditional and elegant, but improve the air good quality. The leading layer of eco friendly and revolutionary latest wallpaper includes unique substances that interact with sunlight and clean the air.

Eco-friendly and power effective technologies are employed for creating new generation of not only decorative, but functional modern day wallpaper that improves overall health.

Leather wall paneling, luxurious modern interior design and style suggestions

Soft wall tiles and decorative wall paneling, functional wall decor ideas

Wall decoration suggestions

decorative plaster with stencil designDecorative plaster, painting and stenciling tips for modern day wall decoration

Gorgeous wallpapers, decorative wall panels, plaster and paints that are eco friendly are modern day interior design trends for 2013 that will create pleasant and healthful rooms. Intriguing mixture of decorative plaster, painting and stenciling techniques will enable to experiment and create uncommon and fashionable interior design and style in 2013.

Fabulous 3d floor decor concepts, ten self leveling floor styles

Parquet flooring tips, wood floor tiles by Jamie Beckwith

Modern floor decor

colorful designs on laminate floorColorful flooring ideas, laminate with bright patterns, modern interior design and style trends 2013

Modern day floor tips bring conventional wooden floor styles and flooring that looks like exotic animal skins, laminate with numerous images in organic and vibrant colors, natural stone and leather tiles for modern day interior design and style in 2013.

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