Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Black top, white bottom: interior decoration in the form of piano keys

Each of us in his own way loves music. Everyone likes various directions, but with the recognition that the piano - the most sophisticated tool - it is hard to argue. Laconic duo of black and white piano keys can publish gorgeous sounds. Of course, not each residence will be a place for a keyboard instrument (specifically if it is no a single to play). How about obtaining the original design techniques and equip at least a tiny corner of music? really like to bang on the table? Paint the table top as element of a piano keyboard and feel like a virtuoso musician!

Do you want to make a festive table specially refined? Black cloth or napkin with the very same keys - your decision will appreciate not only the musicians.

festive table in type piano keys

And how do you fancy decoration for the walls, which merged the strict lines of keys and perky ponytails notes? It is not just for beauty, but is spectacular rack for bottles.

spectacular rack for bottles in the form of piano keys

Do you want to limit modify? Simple - shower curtains, covers for furniture, cushions featuring original keys will bring a touch to any interior. Attract big forms? It provides sofas and carpets with the identical black and white ornament depicting important. As for the idea to use the framework of the present part of the piano in the property library or shelves , - the decision is so original that we could not get around his focus and also incorporated in this mini-collection. Even if you are not going to devote life to music - let it prevail even in a small corner of your house!

interior furniture in the type of piano keys style, form

unique carpet piano keys style, carpet in the kind of piano keys

distinctive shower curtain in piano keys designs

special cushion piano keys style, cushion in the piano keys type

exclusive rug piano keys style, rug in the type of piano keys

special shelves in the form of piano keys

unique sofa in the form of piano keys

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