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Antique and modern, metal and wooden spiral stairs appear gorgeous in two floor residences and two level apartments, bringing impressive architectural elements into modern day interior design and style, attractively connecting living spaces and providing exclusive character to rooms.

Metal and wooden stairs come in numerous sizes and designs. Antique wrought iron and wooden stairs appear charming. Modern spiral staircase styles blend concrete, wood, stainless steel, glass and wrought iron stair railings and actions, generating remarkable combinations for modern day interior style.

Antique and contemporary, metal and wooden spiral stairs are very decorative. Spiral Staircase design and style is functional and space saving solution for little house interiors. It is a striking architectural element that add an exciting accent and glamorous appear to modern day interior style.

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Contemporary spiral staircase

wooden spiral stairLovely wooden spiral staircase, contemporary interior design concepts, strong wood stair treads

Spiral staircase design and style is great for old and contemporary homes. Spiral stairs are perfect for modest spaces, supplying a extremely desirable option to ordinary stairs style.

Metal, glass and wooden stairs for modern interior style bring different materials and their combinations. Wood stairs with wrought iron stair railings and wooden or glass components with metal stairs look fashionable, providing excellent ideas for modern day interior design and style.

wooden spiral stair with metal partsWooden spiral staircase with metal parts, modern interior style

Thanks to the wide range of materials, their combination, stairs sizes and particulars, it is simple to find the very best spiral staircase style for your house.

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Advantages of spiral staircase style

Spiral staircase design takes less space than ordinary staircases. Spiral stairs are simpler to install then  ordinary staircases. Straightforward modern spiral stairs are low-cost and can be discovered in installation spiral stair kits. Time saving preassembled and prefabricated stairs are obtainable also.

unique curvy staircase design with metal stair riser and wooden stepsUnique cost-free standing curvy staircase with metal stair riser and wooden stair treads

An eye-catching spiral staircase style is excellent as second staircase. Unusual and space saving spiral staircase style adds more comfort and value to your residence, producing functional and inviting property interiors connection.

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Disadvantages of spiral stairs

Spiral stairs are steeper and much more tough to climb. Spiral stairs style is almost impossible factor for elders, and it could represent a problem for huge and overweight individuals also. Pre-assembled and prefabricated stairs are much more high-priced than ordinary staircases, and it adds to the costs of your metal or wooden staircase design.

black and white spiral stairBlack and white spiral staircase with contemporary hardwood stair treads

Spiral stairs are lovely, stylish and modern interior design suggestions, but you need to spend some time for deciding on the appropriate spiral staircase design for your residence so it would appear harmonious with existing architecture. You may possibly have some problems fitting them in your residence spaces.

Photographs of metal and wooden spiral stairs from Italian organizations AGA, MIRA, TRIO, PHOLA, MODUS.

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