Saturday, November 28, 2015

A conceptual style of an ironing board with 5 components is created by designer Mohsen Jafari Malek. The ironing board E-Board is handy, practical, ergonomic and effortless to use. The inventive design notion will low the electrcity bill and add a lot more entertaining and style to modern homes.

E-Board consists of 5 movable elements that aid adjust the ironing board shape to the garments you want to iron without wasting time and generating ironing quick. The board rotates around the central axis, enabling comfy ironing the back side of the clothes.

A green knob that controls the shape of the ironing board and 5 components are the principal functions of this conceptual design which speeds up the ironing procedure, saving electrical energy and providing an eco friendly solution for modern day residences.

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home appliancesConceptual ironing board style, 5 components E-Board for ironing garments

The ironing board design and style saves time and effort, providing simple ironing of paints and shirts with extended sleeves. Skirts and trousers, pants and tops, all garments can be flatten on this board in no time, which is excellent for much more efficient usage of the power and save income on electrical energy.

The hanger holder and iron stand adds more practical and practical characteristics to this ironing board style, presented as the iF Design and style Talents entry.

creative design ideas for modern homesComfy and sensible five componen ironing board, inventive design idea for modern residences

adjusting ironing boardEnergy, funds and time saving adjusting ironing board

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