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Garden styles in Mexican style appear sophisticated and rich, focusing on men and women enjoying outdoor living spaces. Backyard styles in Mexican style reflect the Hispanic cultures and create welcoming outdoor rooms for socializing, dining and entertaining. Mexican gardens are courtyard style with a water function, a dining region and flower beds. Garden styles are inspired by various Mexican landscapes from lush tropical forests, to desert and coasts.

Mexican courtyard garden design and style and backyard landscaping tips may mimic favored locations in Mexico, adding plants and yard decorations inspired by the relaxing and lovely coasts of Mexico, the spectacular mountains or northern deserts. The dining and socializing region is the central spot of the Mexican garden design and style, and it involves a tiny outside kitchen, handmade brick BBQ and dining furnishings.

Garden styles in Mexican style give a really feel of colonial design with nature inspired colors, local plants and flowers in terrra cotta pots and vases. Handmade ceramic tiles in earthy tones, like terra cotta, orange, brown and red color shades can function nature inspired designs, the sun and cacti. Backyard styles in Mexican style have comfy and unique furniture.

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Garden designs in Mexican style

backyard kandscaping ideas mexican style

Backyard landscaping suggestions and garden style in Mexican style

Wrought iron dining tables and outside lights, or handmade of rustic wood dining furnishings pieces are welcoming and functional. Terra cotta flower pots and a small water function, like a tiny fish pond or a fountain produced from old terracotta containers, add tranquility and all-natural really feel to garden styles and backyard landscaping suggestions in Mexican style.

Cacti and exotic tropical plants are the most spectacular element of colonial garden design in Mexican style. Lots of cacti and tropical plants, lemon, orange, nut or banana trees, add Mexican style to backyard landscaping, of course, if your climate allows. A tiny vegetable garden for increasing your own vegetables add functionality to backyard landscaping, supplying a greater expertise than going to a supermarket.

wall fountain and small pond mexican style

Wall fountain and small pond, garden style in Mexican style

Blooming flowerbeds and aloe vera and flowering agave plants, massive arrangements of hanging baskets, blend blooming plants and lush vegetation, vreating beautiful garden styles in Mexican style with fuchsia, golden trumpet,hibiscus, hosta, orchid, acacia, caladium, rex-begonia vine.

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Handmade chair produced of branches adding Mexican flavor to furnishings design and style

Vibrant wall frescos and pottery add traditional yard decorations to backyard landscaping in Mexican style. Wrought iron gateways and ceramics with painted standard patterns, Aztec style colorful decorative cushions and tablecloths add bright color combinations and distinct appear to beautiful backyard styles in Mexican style.

garden benche with bright cushions

Garden bench with vibrant cushions

Thatched straw roofs and wooden pergolas make the dining locations cozier and add unique decorative accents to garden designs in Mexican style.

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Photographs and landscaping tips by Kathleen Shaeffer Design, Santa Cruz, California

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