Friday, November 20, 2015

A gorgeous contemporary house, constructed in Ukraine, characteristics light and stunning architectural interiors, fashionable decor, a large indoor pool, functional kids bedrooms and a fantastic kids playroom with lots of storage, swings and a small fitness center for tiny young children.

This modern property is a project of Yakusha Style,, a design studio in Ukraine. It is a huge mansion supplying two.000 square meters, much more than 21.500 sq ft. of spacious and modern living spaces. This modern house is situated in Dnepropetrovsk.

The house facade is created in minimalist style and built of concrete and glass. Contemporary architectural interiors are created in eco style, bringing the nature into modern property decor. There are several interesting solutions that emphasize interior design and style and decor in eco style, from a lobby decorated with birch logs, beach pebbles and indoor plants in contemporary plant pots to natural materials and interior decorating colour schemes, employed for making wonderful rooms.

contemporary living room with glass wall design

Spacious living room with leather furnishings, glass wall style and vertical garden

This modern residence characteristics airy and pleasant open living spaces, harmoniously flowing through modern architectural interiors. Modern day interior design and style and decor bring organic, warm and inviting colour schemes, creating relaxing color contrasts and enriching rooms with many different textures.

A lot of focus is paid to the proportions. These remarkable architectural interiors create a sense of freedom, delivering the comfy, stylish and stunning contemporary property for a household with kids.

lobby design

Spacious lobby style with interior decor in eco style

The property is made and built for the family members with four kids, offering four beautiful, playful and functional children bedrooms with a two level layout.

kids playroom decorating ideas

Colorful children playroom decorating concepts, functional storage spaces and playful area design with mini gym and toys

All youngsters bedrooms are positioned along a hall above a huge indoor pool. The hall functions a zip-line, which makes it possible for to fly more than the twenty-five meters in a second and adds lots of entertaining to interior style for children.

Spacious contemporary residence style and decorating, Peak eight penthouse in Colorado

Sturdy home design and style supplying vibrant modern architectural interiors for a family members with children

The hall is adjacent to the children playroom, equipped with toys, storage units and a mini fitness center, exactly where young children can devote their cost-free time, enjoying different activities.

Growing with kids furniture styles and youngsters playroom tips

Optimistic kids area design for two boys by Geometrix Design Studio

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