Thursday, November 19, 2015

The 2012 Women Globe Car of the Year Award winner, the Land Rover Variety Rover Evoque has taken top honors, offering dynamic exterior, eco friendly engineering, fashionable and functional interior design. A jury of female auto writers from 12 nations all voted for this vehicle over four categories, such as Family members Car, Luxury Vehicle, Sports Vehicle and Economy Vehicle, providing the Supreme Winner award.

The automobile interior design and style is upscale and luxurious, but functional and convenient in line with the rest of the Range Rover brand. Far more notable choices are a cabin length fixed sunroof and a 8-inch touch screen entertainment system that can show two distinct pictures simultaneously to each the driver and front passenger. Mood lighting, in colors such as red, and blue, positioned in the door sills, handles, and other nooks and crannies of the Evoque develop pleasant interior design.

The Evoque also has a push button commence method, which will commence the vehicle automatically, when the essential fob is sensed. The cabin seats four, with optional heated seating, steering wheel, and windscreen wipers making interior style feel safe and inviting. There is also a 5-inch driver’s details display that adds a sense of safety and give the car interior style a modern touch.

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Girls automobile design of the year 2012

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Greatest women vehicle of 2012, interior style

Females car exterior and interior design and style of the year

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Interior design and style concepts, textures and colors for males and females

There are 12 interior design color alternatives offered in a variety of wood and metal trims of this auto, as effectively as three optional contrasting roof remedies, what helps to find the ideal auto model for any woman.

Interestingly adequate, the BMW 3 Series drove off with 1st place in the Household Auto category, while the Porsche 911 took the top Sports Vehicle nod and the Honda Civic won Economy Vehicle honors. WWCOTY says that although every category saw a clear winner, the spots for second and third place in every category switched a number of times as much more votes came in.

front seats and interior design

Front seats, manage panel, modern day interior design colors and ideas for women

back seats, sunroof in modern car interior design

Sunroof and back seats, modern concepts in women car interior design

Greatest household vehicles 2012
1st – BMW 3-series
2nd – Audi Q3
3rd – Ford Focus

Ideal luxury cars 2012
1st – Range Rover Evoque
2nd – Jaguar XJ
3rd – Audi A6

Very best sports automobiles 2012
1st – Porsche 911
2nd – Jaguar XKR
3rd – Mercedes Benz SLK

Very best economy automobiles 2012
1st – Honda Civic
2nd – VW Up
3rd – Ford Fiesta

The supreme winner of the Females’s Planet Automobile of the Year 2012 is Variety Rover Evoque, 2nd spot – BMW 3-series, 3rd location – Audi Q3.

car interior and front seats

Functional and luxurious modern auto interior style concepts

digital technology in car interior design

Digital technology and modern suggestions in ladies vehicle interior design

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