Sunday, November 22, 2015

Elegant apartment decorating concepts from Parisian fashion designer Vanessa Bruno blend low-cost decor with antique components and vintage furniture, vibrant light, natural wood and exotic decor accessories, creating a comfortable and beautiful home with Parisian charm.

These fashionable apartment decorating suggestions really feel tender and feminine, adding an inviting feel to area decor and emphasizing a soft colour mixture of organic wood, classic white and light pastel green and pink colour shades.

Born in France and of Danish descent, the designer has blended her two cultural influences in her own apartment decorating, spiced up with special and impressive decor accessories from her travels to Asia. Fashionable and luxurious Asian silk pillows and rice paper lanterns give this apartment a special appear, while adding chic to area decor.

Contemporary living area style in vintage style

living room design with vintage furniture, antique ceiling beams and light window curtains

Apartment decorating tips in vintage style, antique ceiling beams, vintage furniture and Asian paper lanterns for contemporary living room style

Contemporary paintings are combined with retro contemporary furniture in vintage style, reupholstered and reused for elegant apartment decorating.

Vintage furniture and retro-contemporary styles bring a feel of 1950s into the living room and develop amazing centerpieces for interior decorating.

living room furniture in vintage style

Living room furniture and decor accessories in vintage style

Soft pink floor rug and flowers, white window curtains created of light fabric and charming embroidery develop a pleasant, harmonious and romantic area decor.

Modern interior decorating in vintage style, decor ideas and inspirations from MySuites

Breezy interior decorating with vintage furniture and white color in Scandinavian style

Top 6 modern day interior decorating trends, interconnection and organic style

Antique wood beams add character to apartment decorating, showing the beautiful ceiling design and style. Warm wood tones, combined with pale pastel color shades make this modest apartment really feel airy and cozy.

asian silk pollow on vintage chair and contemporary painting on wall

Asian silk pillow with handmade embroidery, vintage furnishings and contemporary artwork on the wall for modern day living area style

vintage furniture for modern apartment decorating light window curtains in white

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