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Contemporary wallpaper patterns from a young British designer Kirath Ghundoo reflect powerful geometric trends in decorating, bringing attractive geometric designs into modern interiors and generating stunning rooms with eclectic really feel. The designer has released a new wallpaper collection 2013.

The contemporary wallpaper collection is known as 13 and contains three new wallpaper patterns, – Jewel, Ash and Sombre. These lovely wallpapers are made under the influence of intricate patterns in Arab architecture. The modern day wallpaper colour combinations are inspired by dark nights and all-natural landscapes in Eastern nations.

This contemporary wallpaper patterns collection from Kirath Ghundoo, is a blend of neutral colors and bold vivid color shades, that enables to develop modern day interior design and style with cheerful or calming feel. Versatile, fashionable and gorgeous wallpapers mix geometric designs and colors into gorgeous mixture for exclusive and extremely appealing modern day wall decoration.

Geometric wallpaper patterns in vibrant contrasting colors

new wallpaper patterns 2013

Geometric decorations patterns and contrasting colors, new wallpaper collection 2013

The designer is called the queen of fairly geometrics. Her unique style is uncommon, bringing daring decoration patterns and colour combinations into contemporary interior design and style with an eclectic charm. Diverse geometric patterns are developed with basic shapes, like circles, squares, diamonds, narrow and wide strips.

Unexpected and original contemporary wallpaper patterns and contrasting vibrant colors generate intimate and vibrant interior design and style. The designer likes to function with geometric shapes and intense colors, producing original and fascinating decoration patterns. The goal is to develop catchy pictures that will set the tone for the whole interior design.

geometric patterns, beautiful wallpapers

Geometric designs, modern trends in decorating

The designer randomly combines various collections of gorgeous wallpapers for creating a exclusive and original interior design that feel personal, modern and vibrant.

Modern day wallpaper patterns

Magnetic wallpaper patterns for magical and modern wall decoration

White and black wallpaper patterns, modern interior design ideas

Stylish striped wallpaper patterns for modern interior style

Contemporary wallpaper patterns and colors, interior style in eco style

Gorgeous wallpapers by Ghundoo are sustainable in design and style due to the non-repeat, non-matched nature of her collections considerably of the 10 meter roll is employed, limiting wastage. Colors can be changed inside the collection. The modern day wallpaper styles are available from on-line retailer,

Creative and distinctive wallpaper patterns for modern interior design and style in eclectic style

modern wallpaper patterns from british designergeometric patterns for modern wall decoration modern wallpaper patterns for wall decoration white wallpaper pattern wall decoration with geometric wallpaper patterns yellow and purple wallpaper patterns

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