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Modern day interior style trends 2013 that blend standard and new ideas, adding contemporary technologies and ethnic flair to home decorating, have the energy to keep. Men and women are seeking for exciting and exclusive materials and design and style ideas for generating genuine and distinctive rooms that feel personal and comfy.

Men and women want the ideal good quality and the most creative interior design suggestions which express their character and decorate even little apartment in airy and sophisticated style. Modern day interior design trends 2013 help residence owners and house buyers to see the potential of their residences and pick the best methods to organize and decorate their living spaces.

Wood floor and laminate, gorgeous wallpaper and tiles, light neutral colors, functional and comfortable zones, distinctive lighting and original decorative accessories are timeless interior trends in decorating whether for fresh and modern day room design or home staging for sale.

wall garden design

Wall garden and neutral colour tones, modern day interior trends in house decorating

Modern color trends

Most current style trends influence contemporary interior design and style and property decorating. Soft, sweet and cool space colors, furnishings, decor accessories and wall coverings, are modern interior design and style trends in 2013.  Conventional spring colour combinations, soften with pastel light and dark color tones feel modern and pleasant, supplying surprising and fresh color trends 2013.

Named Pantone’s colour of 2013, emerald green is a fantastic color simply because of its vibrancy. It’s really regal, as properly as sophisticated, and mixes properly with neutrals. Deep blue and emerald green, all shades of gray colour can be highlighted with light neutral colors for contemporary interior design and residence decorating. These colors work effectively with all brown color tones and have the energy to keep.

Modern day color trends 2013 for interior style and decor

Area colour trends 2013, home decorating materials and interior paint colors

Contemporary decoration patterns

Geometric decoration patterns inspired by 70s and exotic animal prints are modern day interior trends in decorating houses. Furniture upholstery fabrics, windows curtains, decorative pillows and throws, wallpaper patterns with stripes, zigzags, squares and triangles are modern interior style trends in 2013.

sigsag decoration pattern for bathroom wall

Zigzags, simple geometric patterns and exotic animal prints are contemporary interior trends in decorating walls, furniture and decor accessories

Exciting decoration patterns with a playful punch introduce a bit of whimsy into your house decorating. Fretwork, interlaced decorative patterns that usually have a geometric look are modern day interior trends in decorating that enable to add timeless accents to your residence decor. Ethnic interior style and decorating concepts bring the unmatchable charm into modern day interiors. Asian inspired decor, oriental decorations and chinoiserie wallpaper are hot and seem to be staying for handful of much more years.

Interior style trends in space organization

Designers all more than the world explore simplicity and functionality. Mixing interior design and decorating types tends to clean lines, produce functional open living spaces with basic and eye-catching details. Modern day interior design trends 2013 are about producing a house really feel like a spacious and pleasant retreat for adults and young children, comfy and inviting.

Recent adjustments in the economy have produced more people feel about how efficiently they use their residence interiors, appliances and how significantly cash their house decorating fees. Functionality and practicality in contemporary interior design and style are trends that have the energy to remain.

unique fireplace design

Modern interior design with a exclusive contemporary fireplace

Modern day interior design and style trends 2013 bring new technologies into area decorating and residence staging. Laser-cut decoration patterns on curtains, light room dividers made of contemporary supplies, vertical gardens, infrared heaters, crafty designed hammock beds and distinctive lighting fixtures are modern interior trends in decorating that significantly change the way a room looks and feels.

Top six contemporary interior design trends 2013, interconnection and organic design

Contemporary interior design and style trends 2013, interior decorating materials


Organic materials are pleasant and really appealing. Natural wood, leather, natural stone, ceramic and glass are versatile components for any interior design style. Modern day interior design and style trends 2013 bring conscious luxury and functionality, comfort and creativity into residences, producing luxurious, but airy and breezy rooms. Leather and onyx slabs, all organic stones, whitewashed natural wood and painted surfaces are modern interior trends in decorating components that are appropriate for any style.

3d wall design in white color and black lighting fixture

3d wall styles, newest trends and residence decorating suggestions

With golden decorations becoming so well-liked, numerous designers are picking to mix metals rather than stick to just 1. Bringing various metal finishes into interior decorating enables your area furnishings and decor accessories to feel as if these pieces have been collected more than time.

Contemporary interior wall designs that impress with organic wallpaper patterns or graphic prints and surprise with pleasant optical effects and stunning handmade decorations are modern interior trends in decorating. Prints and wallpaper patterns add textured surfaces to modern interior design. 3d wooden wall panels, exclusive wall painting ideas and wall murals show stunning wall style trends 2013 that have the energy to stay.

modern lighting fixture with fabric lamp shade

Modern lighting style trends blend originality and texture

Contemporary lighting design and style trends

Contemporary lighting style is becoming much more personal and creative. Men and women favor now not just allocate a few zones, but highlight modern day interior style with lovely lighting fixtures in distinctive style.

Interior design trends 2014

Contemporary interior design and style trends 2014 will celebrate innovation and originality. In 2014 folks will select their favourite style and color style, adding personalized information to their house decor in accordance with the latest trends in decorating that created a good transition and bridge current residence decor with new styles.

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