Saturday, November 28, 2015

A modern glass extension to an old church constructing adds futuristic appear and contemporary architectural style to a historic creating. The new extension inspires modern day way of life and fashionable studio interior style, blending an antique brick wall with contemporary architectural style with big windows, wooden floor and furnishings.

Modern interior design and style brings lots of light, making a fabulous space with comfy decor. Large windows add soft curvy lines to the the historic developing and symmetry that emphasize the beauty of the old church. The antique brick wall design connects the original architectural interiors with the new glass-steel extension.

The wooden floor and furnishings add elegance and soberness to modern architectural design, making the stunning and comfy workplace space. The unusual architectural design softened a classic old constructing appear and harmoniously increased its size and functionality.

Glass-steel architectural design, old church extension

brick and glass wall designs, extension

Glass wall design, contemporary extension to old church developing

extension with glass and steel structure

Curvy extension with glass-steel structure and old brick wall style, wood furnishings and floor decor

The glass extension developed a spacious, light and eye-catching work  studio, drastically altering the look and feel of the historic church in Hoboken, New Jersey, USA. This impressive glass extension is the project by Marchetto Higgins Stieve Architects,

Glass and steel create a nice contrast with antique brick walls of the historic constructing. Curvy shape and  and symmetry of the architectural style highlight the beauty of classic church creating, adding fresh modern elements and developing materials to the old church.

architectural design, extension to old church brick building

The contemporary glass-steel extension to an old church brick constructing

Church houses

Incredible converted homes impress with distinctive architectural styles and modern interiors

Modest church conversion creates modern property behind conventional stone exterior

steel and glass architectural design, old church extension

Steel and glass architectural style, adjacent to historic developing

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