Sunday, November 22, 2015

Contemporary apartment decorating tips created by two Russian designers Natalia Sergeeva and Ekaterina Ushakova are a component of a modest apartment remodeling and interior decorating project for BoConcept. Interior designers used contemporary furnishings from BoConcept collections and light cool colors for making spacious interior decor and modern day, balanced appear in a modest apartment in Moscow.

Fashionable and sophisticated interior decorating tips bring comfortable and functional modern day furnishings and desirable decor accessories that add charming accents to the living space, developed for a young company lady. Cool space colors and light property furnishings are excellent possibilities for spacious interior decorating and residence staging.

Calming gray-blue decorating colour scheme harmoniously blends with organic decorative supplies, wood and stone, bringing the harmony and peaceful atmosphere. Blue and green colour accents, soft fabrics in bluish and silver shades, stainless steel and glass increase the effect, creating relaxing and comfortable rooms.

Parisian penthouse apartment suggestions, contemporary penthouses interior design

Scandinavian style apartment concepts, white decorating

Small apartment decorating suggestions

modern living room design

Modern living area design and style and decorating tips, modest apartment in modern style

Modern day wallpaper designs with floral patterns utilised for bedroom and bathroom wall decoration look lovely and romantic. Modern bedroom decorating that consists of white wall paint and white furnishings is airy and spacious.

Calming and peaceful contemporary bedroom decor is not only aesthetically appealing, the area with a tiny dressing table and modern storage  furniture is extremely functional also.

contemporary kitchen design in gray and white

Modern kitchen style in gray and white, neutral colors for modest apartment decorating

Asymmetrical storage units make space design and style appear uncommon and exciting, giving a playful charm to this modest apartment decorating tips.

Modest apartment suggestions, Chicago apartment decorating and interior redesign

Home redesign inspirations, contemporary apartment suggestions from H2O Architects

Bathroom decor characteristics lovely pink and lavender color shades and look really soft, inviting and feminine. The whole apartment decorating tips are used to develop a peaceful retreat, comfy for every day living and occasional entertaining.

white bathroom furniture and fixtures, large mirror and floral wallpaper

Cool room colors, floral bathroom wallpaper design and style, big mirror, colorful mat, contemporary lighting and white furniture, stylish small bathroom decorating tips

Convenient storage units and natural decorating components, a variety of textures and rich blue and green color accents, white wall paint and house furnishings, exclusive decor accessories and appealing lighting fixtures are modest apartment decorating ideas that create comfortable and fashionable, functional and exciting modern houses.

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