Thursday, November 19, 2015

This unusual door style changes a standard view at what an interior door ought to look. Created by designers from Matharoo Associates, this interior door extravagantly decorates the expensive residence in India, adding a striking design and style, comfortable natural wood color and warmth of this organic material to modern day interiors in neutral colors.

The Curtain Door consists of horizontal beams that slide and create the opening, creating a wavy surface and reinventing the interior door design concept. It appears impressive and fascinating, and showcases a strong character, changing the way interior design appears and feels.

Closed door appears ordinary, except its huge size. If you push this interior door, it begins to generate a wavy form that is eye-catching and surprising.

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Curtain Door

unusual wood door

Unusual wood door that types a curvy surface

This interior door style blends the potential to transform into a curvy surface with strength and pleasant feel of organic wood. It is like a gigantic piece of great fabric created of wooden beams that is hanging from the ceiling.

This interior door is revolutionary and stunning, and tends to make an incredible focal point of entryway style, and looks impressive when opened.

interior door made of wood

Surprising interior door created of wood

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