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Modern clay pot designs looks all-natural and really eye-catching. Cooking with a unglazed clay pot makes it possible for you to cook with out any liquids. You soak the pot in water ahead of cooking and the water is released whilst the pot is cooking. It can be used in the oven and the microwave.

Natural clay pots provide an alternative, basic and healthful cooking style that makes it possible for to cook about any meal slowly and gently, retaining the juices and flavor. Clay pots and one-pot cookery is producing a comeback in the US and home cooks like to rediscover how simple they are to use and love the results they are getting.

Clay pot cooking goes back thousands of years. Clay pots were employed by most of the early civilizations such as the Etruscans, Romans, and Chinese. You can uncover a variety of sizes and shapes of clay pots primarily based on ancient designs still becoming utilised in Spain, France, Germany and North Africa.

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Unglazed clay pot designs

clay pot designs for healthy cooking

Contemporary clay pot designs for alternative healthful cooking

Clay pot cooking

According to the Romertopf internet internet site, as a porous material, the clay in a pot, that has been saturated with water, gradually releases steam from its pores during the cooking method. Juices released by the food as it cooks cannot escape from the pot. This seals in flavor and keeps food from drying out, with out the require to add additional fats or liquids. Along with the flavor, essential nutrients and vitamins are retained in the food.

Benefits of cooking in clay pots

  • Far more juicy and flavorful when cooking meats and poultry

  • Crispier crusts when baking breads

  • Prevents components from drying out

  • Meats can be trimmed of fat

  • Chicken can be cooked without the skin

  • No require for basting

  • 1-pot meals – chicken or meat can be cooked with rice or potatoes and vegetables together

clay pot for edible herbs

Clay pot for expanding edible herbs, alternative kitchen concepts

What sort of clay pot should you purchase

Romertopf Clay Pots, conceived by Bay Keramik in 1966, is one of the most popular brands of unglazed clay pots accessible. They have a wide variety of pots for cooking just about something and come each and every size and shape imaginable.

The classic Romertopf clay pot is rectangular in shape with deep sides and a domed leading but and comes in sizes that can handle four to 14 pounds. They also make a choice of Bread Bakers, Garlic Roasters, Chili Bowls, Utensil Holders and more.

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Employing an unglazed clay pot

  • Soak clay baker in water for ten to 20 minutes. Completely immerse both top and bottom.

  • Place food in baker and it is ready to go in the oven. All the components for a total meal can be placed in a single baker.

  • Spot your baker in a cold oven. Set the appropriate temperature and let the oven and baker heat up gradually.

  • When serving your meal, boost the decor by leaving it in the handsomely embossed terra-cotta baker.

  • Bear in mind to stay away from sudden temperature changes. When removing your baker from the more than soon after baking, maintain it off of cold surfaces.

    potatoes in clay pot

    Potatoes in a clay pot, healthful cooking style

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