Friday, November 27, 2015

Tree prime dining cabin is a single of inspiring backyard ideas for nation houses, surrounded by beautiful landscape. Tree cabin style, inspired by beautiful dining cabins of Soneva Kiri restaurant in Thailand, is a way to make backyard design far more romantic and intriguing.

Backyard design with a tree cabin is offering a distinctive chance to appreciate a picnic on a tree. Set high amongst tall trees or just few feet above the ground, a dining cabin is a single of the most spectacular background suggestions.

Soneva Kiri resort in Thailand provide an unforgettable dinner in the nest like dining cabins, offering privacy, delicious meals and a beautiful view of a sandy beach. Adventurous diners fasten a leather seat belt and get hoisted 16 feet into the native massang trees.

Hotel encounter in redesigned old planes

Summer season kitchen, outside rooms, contemporary backyard ideas

Tree prime cabin design

unique restaurant above sandy beach

Servers get about taking a a lot far more acrobatic strategy, as they zipline down to the platform beneath. The restaurant’s dishes comes predominantly from the resort’s organic gardens or nearby farms on the island.

The hotel tries to keep the whole setup eco-friendly, with no bolts or attachments becoming used on the massang trees.

dining cabin on tree top

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Ergonomic hammock for indoor and outdoor living, relaxing backyard ideas

A evening for two at Soneva Kiri begins at $ 950 and contains scheduled air transfers, three daily meals, alcoholic beverages, WiFi, and laundry service.

tree top cabin with dining table

Romantic floating property for two, modern residence styles for green living

Organic design and style ideas, guest house design and style with curved wood beams

The excitement, unforgettable dining expertise, organic meals and wonderful service are worth the money.

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