Monday, November 16, 2015

Animals Bone series is a set of inventive, cute and humorous wine accessories that consists of wine racks made to maintain a bottle of wine look witty, exciting and uncommon. These wine racks come in 4 distinct shapes, bringing animal characters into table decoration. The reindeer, elephant, penguin and doberman wine racks add diverse personalities to bottles of wine.

These wine racks can be combined together for setting a table for a massive celebration, or employed individually, creating a lovely centerpiece for table decoration that will surprise and delight guests. The wine racks are simply assembled from wooden pieces. After inserting the furrow in the wood pieces in lattice mode, you can put the wine bottles and enjoy a fresh, stylish and creative table decor.

The wooden wine racks that look like cute animals change the atmosphere at the dining table and add fun to the dining knowledge. Quite simple  and elegant, the wooden wine rack design attributes beautiful plywood material in light colour and adds a Scandinavian touch to table decoration.

Inventive wooden wine racks generating entertaining centerpieces for celebration table decor

light wood wine rack

Reindeer wine rack produced of light wood

With the couple of possibilities of picking the theme for your celebration table decor and putting your wine on a reindeer, elephant, penguin or doberman wine rack, any decision is genuinely exciting and attractive.

Created by Choi Jinyoung from Conte bleu,

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penguin shaped wine rack

Penguin-shaped wine rack, fun table decor notion

dog shaped wine rack

Dog-shaped wooden wine rack making an uncommon centerpiece for party table decoration

elephant shaped wine bottle rack

Elephant-shaped wine bottle rack

wooden wine racks

Inventive wooden wine racks inspired by animals

wooden wine bottle racks

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