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This small house is located in Val des Monts, Quebec, Canada. The cottage is designed by Kariouk Associates, delivers quite private, vibrant and comfortable living spaces for a loved ones of three and makes it possible for to take pleasure in the nature in a secluded place, taking refuge from the planet.

This smal cottage is a lovely retreat. Special architectural design functions two little buildings connected by an elliptical loft, which adds special character to the house style and develop exciting and unusual living space for a youngster.

Spacious interior style and light decorating suggestions, simplicity and lots of ligt, modern design components and built in fireplace, metal ceiling panels and wood furnishings create fashionable and airy, warm and inviting house interiors. Massive windows and glass wall designs connect them to lovely, forested, lake-side website, inviting the nature inside.

living room design with large windowsOutside living ideas, contemporary cottage with glass wall designs

Home design and style description from the architects

The design and style of the cottage is simple: two “bars” of living space – a single private containing bedrooms, bathrooms, and storage 1 public containing family members living regions – are joined by an elliptical loft – the daughter’s domain – that intersects every ground-floor volume and hovers more than the foyer providing shelter to the entry under.

Rather than “walling-in” the two ground-level volumes to achieve privacy, they are sited on the edge of the home where vegetation is the densest and are created with huge expanses of glass. The glass and aluminum curtain wall exterior is juxtaposed with hand-produced, luxurious, ephemeral drapery (at times opaque, at times translucent, sewn by the couple and their daughter in the course of time spent at the cottage) that billows all through the interior (as explained graphically in the personal computer animation).

loft bedroomElliptical loft bedroom for a girl

This drapery (as properly as integral lighting) suspends from two metal rods – one representing the parents, and one representing their daughter – which travel all through the house crossing and bypassing every other in a complex choreography that is scripted as a metaphor for their specific family members’s life journey.

metal ceiling panelsMetal ceiling panels, entryway design and style

An oil-finished, dark rod starts as the outdoor entry handrail, like an outstretched hand welcoming guests to their home, and continues all through the “private” volume, ultimately coming to rest at the stairs of their daughter’s loft the second curtain rod, with a lighter, more luminous finish, starts as the handrail to the loft’s stair, passes by way of the “public” volume to the exterior, screened-in deck, only to return once again to the interior of the cottage, completing its journey as the light over the household’s dining table.

large windowModern residence design with huge windows and staircase to loft bedroom

The loft volume above the entry is surfaced with a “quilt” of copper and zinc printing plates that the consumers received from a printmaker pal. A lot of of the plates, etched with landscapes, appear on the underside of the volume (the foyer ceiling). Nonetheless, prior to the plates are installed, pictures of these plates are pressed upon fabric and sewn into the drapery as mementos the remaining, but-unetched plates can be removed, worked by the customers and their friends visiting the cottage, and then reinstalled onto the design following they are printed onto new drapery sections, and in this way the property keeps a record of its previous.

Design by Kariouk Associates,

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