Thursday, December 31, 2015

Charming wooden swings, designed by Veronica Martinez, bring beautiful shapes and green leaves patterns into modern day properties, supplying playful seating design and style for outdoor residence decor. Inspired by the falling leaves in autumn, LEAF is a swing handmade in strong wood by Spanish sculptors.

These stunning swings make outstanding gifts with a twist. They can be used for playful interior decorating or for creating comfortable, unique and fashionable outside property decor that will be enjoyed by youngsters and entertaining loving adults.

These beautiful swings are produced of cerejeira wood treated with Teka oil and feature ropes that are accessible in black, white or navy blue colors. Polyester (usually utilized in navigation) or hemp ropes add soft and sophisticated touch to swings style.

Carved wood swings

solid wood swing with ropes

Carved wood swings inspired by fallen leaves

There are various types of fixings depending on the ceiling material, – wood, concrete or metal, which allow to personalize swings design and style and make sure its security.

The Leaf swings by Veronica Martinez  are sold on Bouf for $ 996. These fabulous swings are not cheap, but the handmade design and style, organic wood and charm of rustic style is worth the cash.

outdoor home decor

Solid wood swings for interior style and outdoor property decorating

Swings showcase the all-natural beauty of wood, elegant green leaves pattern, unique grain and smooth finish. Its gently carved contour provides a comfy seat and appears quite eye-catching. The Leaf swings, suspend from a tree in the garden, on your deck, the front porch or in your sunroom, create playful atmosphere in your property. The Leaf swings look harmonious in living spaces also, adding charming details to little ones space design or bedroom decorating.

Entertaining interior decorating ideas, swings by Svvving

Entertaining backyard ideas blending swing style with sensor controlled waterfall

Beautiful contemporary interiors of Swing Home with curves and twists

wooden swing seat

Wooden swing seat style with ropes, unique design and style idea inspired by leaves shapes

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