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Drivable Grass and Plantable Wall styles are beautiful, practical and eco friendly goods from Soil Retention Goods, a business situated in Carlsbad, California. The Drivable Grass and Plantable Wall are creative and eco friendly made outdoor tiles. The Drivable Grass are great for public parking lots and private backyard styles. These concrete tiles increase the powerful region of ​​the site, even though beautifying front yard landscaping.

The region employed for parking vehicles and walking appears green, covered with concrete outside tiles that permit grass to grow about their edges. These concrete tile styles can transform huge parking lots and private yards into entirely green locations.

Asphalt and gravel driveways and walk paths appear dull and boring, although concrete outdoor tiles add beautiful grass and a splash of pleasant green colour to yard landscaping and parking spaces. These desirable outdoor tiles can transform the way cities really feel and improve views from office, hospital and apartment constructing windows, adding green places to neighborhoods and making all parking lots look green, fresh and organic.

Grass and concrete landscaping concepts

concrete outdoor tiles

Grass and concrete landscaping concepts, outside tiles

Soil Retention Goods, sells many eco friendly merchandise, one particular of which is named Drivable Grass and one more Verdura, a totally plantable retaining wall systems.

Original and eco friendly styles outdoor tiles and wall style stones are produced of waterproof concrete. The tile styles feature smooth edges, so grass roots can easily penetrate beneath these concrete tiles, making an appealing green lawn.

outdoor tiles for green lawn

Parking lot covered with concrete tiles and grass

The concrete tiles are simply installed professionally or on your personal. They are fantastic for flat surfaces and sloped hills, offering great solutions for making landscaping tips that organically blend with all-natural surroundings. These outside tiles and retaining wall blocks of retaining wall style are appropriate for dry and wet climates. The water will not stagnate, creating excellent environment for grass increasing.


The outdoor tiles are durable and robust, supplying a strong help for a automobile without damaging the green lawn.  The outdoor tiles are functional and practical answer for lovely and green living. Skilled applications contain driveways, parking lots, fire lanes, access roads, bioswales, ditches, utility access, pathways, drainage channels, various post construction BMPs, and more. Do-it-yourself applications include green driveways, parking areas, pathways, patios, swales/drainage and far more.

Concrete outside tiles for yard landscaping

concrete outdoor tiles and grass

Concrete outdoor tiles and grass

green lawn covered with concrete outdoor tiles

Green grass lawn on a sloping hill covered with concrete outdoor tiles

green lawn and garage parking lot with green grass green grass tile design outdoor tiles installation

Retaining wall style with concrete blocks that allow grass to grow

retaining wall design with concrete blocks large retaining wall design with plants

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