Sunday, December 6, 2015

The Zen Circus chair is a fitness furnishings piece that offers a unique opportunity to expertise swinging and stretching even though exercising in the living space. Inspired by circus and antigravity yoga, this hammock like chair design and style is fantastic for toning up muscles, stretching and active relaxation.

The hammock like chair is a creative reflection of the newest contemporary furnishings design trend that offers multifunctional things for  fitness-minded men and women. Created of wood and fabric, hammock chair is ideal for doing several various exercises like yoga stretching and strengthening positions, trapeze and balance.

The hammock like chair is comfy for rest after exicising also. The fabric molds to the shape of the body, forming a cozy cocoon and supplying the support that aids tone , stretch or unwind muscles.

Hammock chair style for working out

exercise chair in living room
exercise chair design

The Zen Circus chair is developed by Caroline Kermarrec,, Alexia Moisan and Kelvin Geffroy,, and brings a wonderful fitness furnishings piece into modern day living rooms and youngsters rooms.

Fantastic for workouts and stretching, relaxation and play, this modern day chair style is a fun addition to contemporary houses.

fitness furniture for living room

The hanging hammock chair does not take floor space, offering a hassle-free item for tiny rooms. A powerful wooden frame and fabric make this hanging chair style comfortable and safe, adding functionality to fun rooms and making playful atmosphere.

Exclusive physical exercise shower design

Modern furniture, Bounce Chair desgn

set of exercises with hanging chair

The set of exercizes for making use of hammock chair

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