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Recycling plastic bottles and storage bags are less difficult than recycling caps and lids. There are numerous applications and inventive ideas for recycling plastic bottles and bags, while numerous municipal recycling programs do not take plastic caps, lids and tops, which differ in material and can not be mixed with plastic bottle material.

Here is a smart idea for recycling plastic bottle caps that aids make storage bags more functional and comfortable to use. This revolutionary plastic cap recycling thought delivers a cheap, convenient and rapid storage resolution, and can be really appreciated by all who do not have enough storage containers in their kitchens or craft rooms.

Plastic bottle caps and a little portion of a plastic bottle, used with a clear plastic bag, make a wonderful storage bag that is simple to open and close. Excellent for dry food storage, these handmade bags can be used for organizing little youngsters toys or in your office, in the auto or in your craft area, adding more organization to your property.

Plastic recycling suggestions

Plastic recycling, inexpensive residence decorations made of plastic bottles

Recycling plastic bottle caps for colorful house exterior wall decorating

Artistic techniques to recycle bottle caps, recycled crafts for little ones

Plastic recycling concepts for home organization

plastic bags and cottles caps

Recycling plastic bottle caps for producing storage bags

Recycling plastic bottle caps, enhancing storage bags style, is a clever, green style notion. Plastic bags with caps are handmade things that are best for picnics and brief trips. They can be utilised for carrying liquids also!

It is straightforward to make such bags with caps. Cut a small piece of a plastic bottle with a cap, pull a plastic bag via the bottle neck and the bag with the cap is ready.

plastic bottle cap

Plastic recycling suggestions for improving house organization

If you use powerful plastic bags and generate a good edge by gluing a strip of fabric or melting the edge, (you can iron it in between two paper sheets, for instance) it make the handmade storage bag a lot more handy to use.


plastic bag with bottle cap for storage

Home organization and storage concepts, employing plastic bags and recycling bottle caps

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