Tuesday, December 29, 2015

A cat tree with book shelves is a creative and basic modern cat furnishings style concept. Catcase blends a bookcase and a cat tree in 1 and offers a contemporary furniture piece for book storage and cats play that differs from conventional pet furnishings substantially.

The CatCase cat tree from UrbanCatDesign, urbancatdesign.com/ allows you to have both, a bookcase and a cat tree, and neither you nor your cat will compromise. The CatCase is a fantastic space saving furniture for small apartments and big residences. The furniture design and style functions storage shelves for books, even though providing a excellent playground for your cat.

Your playful pet can sleep on a best or jump from shelf to shelf like on a stairs or tree branches, reaching the prime level from where your cat has a fantastic and comfy lookout. Cats feel very best high up with a clear view in all directions, and this eye-catching cat tree with book shelves gives it.

Contemporary cat tree with book shelves

modern cat furniture, cookcase and cat tree

CatCase, white bookcase with a cat tree shelves

Your books are secure on shelves which created with a protective back wall. The shelves which are created for a cat to jump up, remain empty and can not be used to shop books. They have a fitted carpet layer so that your cat can sharpen its nails on the way up or down.

The organization sells great, exclusive and stylish handmade cat furnishings which can inspire excellent DIY projects for your house.

carpeted top shelf for cat bed

Cat bed on bookcase leading shelf, modern cat furnishings style

Usually contemporary cat furnishings does not appear fantastic in modern residence interiors. This bookcase, combined with a cat tree, will match completely with any modern interior and provides your cat every little thing it wants to stay healthful and satisfied.

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Cat tree shelves with carpet

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