Thursday, December 10, 2015

Architects from MERALstudio created awe-inspiring interior style and decor in luxurious apartment in Moscow, bringing the nautical theme and yacht design and style style into modern day house interiors. Custom produced furniture and decor accessories, inventive interior design ideas, high-priced decorating materials and exclusive lighting fixtures blend into a single of a type, breathtaking living spaces Bespoke.

The owners asked architects to generate unique and impressive interior design and house decor, and equip their apartment with high tech appliances and most current house systems. The architects identified their inspirations for these gorgeous and costly interiors in luxury yacht design and style style.

Every bedroom has a bathroom and a walk-in closet. Youngsters bedrooms are adjacent to a playroom. Handy storage spaces and spacious apartment layout make this modern day home very comfy and pleasant for parents and youngsters.

Contemporary loft conversion style, Oriental Warehouse in San Fransisco

Bright interior design suggestions, Luxurious JWC LOft renovation and redesign project

Luxurious interior design and style and apartment decorating suggestions

living room furniture

Living room design and style with crystal ceiling lights

Modern day interior style and decor show sturdy personality. Almost everything, except bathroom functions and faucets, are custom created according to designers drawings and sketches.

The dining table Sunflower with a rotating leading and a glass case for displaying a Japanese sword collection, an office desk with a mini bar and spectacular crystal chandeliers, which give the apartment a chic really feel, have been produced by Yevgeniy Polyanzzev.

dining room table and chairs and large crystal chandelier

Designer dining furnishings and massive crystal chandelier

Italian artist Mauro Montolli created two wonderful stone wall panels created with Florentine mosaic strategy for quest bedroom and bathroom decorating. Italian designer kitchen increases the impact, adding a sense of exclusiveness and luxury to apartment decorating ideas.

Contemporary home design with indoor garden, Broadway penthouse renovation

Special apartment building, Bandra Ohm Residential Tower with private pools

Russian architects chose noble ash hardwood for exclusive interior style and decor. Ash root, which has a beautiful, expressive texture that resembles decorative patterns on silk, tends to make this apartment decorating wealthy and unparalleled. Ash ceiling and wall panels add striking beauty to living area, dining area, kitchen, office and hallway interiors. Warm and soft shades of veneer give rooms a valuable really feel. Marble floors in dark green and soft cream colors repeat an intricate designs, produced with oak parquet.

living room sofa in gray with orange cushions

Living room furniture with vibrant orange cushions, ash wood wall and ceiling

Modern kitchen cabinets feature a really costly coating used exclusively in yacht design. Big kitchen island and beautiful wood on the ceiling generate robust contrasts, giving more depth to exclusive kitchen design.

High-priced decorative materials, like leather panels and exotic woods, crafty metal house decorations that feature the appear of antique silver, the most costly in the globe blue Brazilian marble and designer lighting of Bohemian crystal fill this apartment design and style and decor with breathtaking luxury.

ash wood ceiling panels in contemporary kitchen

Contemporary kitchen design with massive kitchen island

Photographs by Z.Razutdinov

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