Sunday, December 6, 2015

Created of colorful leather a parrot is developed by French mixed media artists. The duo Zim & Zou made this Leather Parrot of Hermes leather scraps, displaying a fantastic way to recycle old leather bags, glaves and jackets and produce beautiful home decorations.

The lovely Leather Parrot is developed for an exhibition for Hermes and presented at the Tanjong Pagar Railway Station in Hong Kong. Produced of leather decorations make a visual statement, bringing original designs into interior decorating.

Leather is a fantastic material for crafts and property decorations. You can recycle your old accessories, bags, gloves or clothes created of leather and add a exclusive touch to your house interior decorating. Creating decorative pillows and floor rugs, wall decorations and vases, storage containers and Christmas balls are just a handful of tips for creative interior decorating and recycling old leather items.

Recycling leather scraps for handmade decorations

leather parrot decoration made of colorful leather pieces

Leather Parrot, handmade decoration developed of colorful leather scraps

Handmade decorations make superb present and generate exclusive home decor. Recycling leather for handmade decorations can grow to be a hobby or house business that enables to show off your talents.

Leather looks high-priced and beautiful. Produced of leather wall decorations and vases, decorative pillows and floor rugs develop unusual and fascinating interiors. Leather is a modern interior trend in decorating.

leather recycled crafts ideas for interior decorating

Creative art and craft ideas, handmade decorations recycling leather scraps

Created of leather wall art or decorative wall panels made of leather, ceramic floor and wall tiles that appear like leather and decorative fabrics add a fashionable really feel to interior decorating.

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