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A modern kitchen cabinet, a totally free standing oven tower, that looks more like a beautiful storage furniture piece than a functional unit with a kitchen appliance. An induction stove and remote controlled hood complete this special contemporary kitchen set, developed by French architect Jean  Michel Wilmotte, for La Cornue.

The induction stove looks like a table and attributes 4 inductors laid out about the central workspace. The stove is developed to stand alone or against a wall. A matching hood is created of gray glass and lacquered metal.

The oven tower is a wooden cabinet with 3 drawers. The tower unit homes an electric oven, pull out storage drawers and a huge cupboard at the leading for pots and bowls.

free standing kitchen cabinet with oven and storage drawersFree standing kitchen cabinet with oven and storage drawers, modern kitchen style

Contemporary kitchen cabinet with oven and storage drawers

Generating an appealing modern day alternative to classic French art de vivre, providing an revolutionary culinary range, designed as a real expert reference, a line that is as lasting and prestigious as all our other people. With this new furnishings variety, that’s the ambition of Xavier Dupuy, La Cornue Chairman and grandson of Albert Dupuy who founded the brand in 1908.

With this revolutionary new range, identified as La Cornue W and developed by Jean-Michel Wilmotte, the La Cornue name is taking its location at the extremely heart of our era. Proof that, over a century because its birth, La Cornue is nonetheless a daring, innovative business.

three drawer cabinet for kitchen storage

3 drawer cabinet for kitchen storage and oven, new kitchen design and style trends

This is the 1st time in thirty years that La Cornue has produced a new model. It is also the 1st time in the history of electrical appliances that a stove has been developed by a prime designer. It has taken four years of improvement to produce this original range devoted to design and style and architecture. And with it, the La Cornue brand, the quite symbol of French-style art de vivre, proclaims loud and clear that it is portion of the 21st century whilst retaining its DNA: the spirit of innovation and gourmet hedonism.

kitchen stove and hoodKitchen stove and hood, contemporary kitchen design concept

La Cornue has always sought to respond to culinary demands. The components in the W range have as a result all been offered best ranking technical attributes. The induction hob is fitted with 4 hot plates representing total power of 14 kW, i.e. the equivalent of skilled kitchens. The indicator lights are positioned on the sides of the hob, to enable the chef to see them at all occasions.

kitchen table with stoveKitchen table with induction stove, modern kitchen appliances

The polished stainless steel adjustment knobs are on the front, for speed of use. The hot plates are laid out in a rainbow leaving a space in the centre of the hob that can be used for preparing food, putting pans and kitchen tools and so on., in this way the cooker becomes a unique region for the complete cooking process. At the controls of this high tech cook top, the chef is almost like a DJ at his mixing console.

Contemporary kitchen appliances

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