Saturday, December 19, 2015

Folding stools are excellent for little spaces. Compact furniture design and style concepts from Japanese architects offer you inventive, functional and space saving solutions for modest spaces, apartments or homes. Japanese have spent centuries perfecting basic and compact furnishings design and style which is distinctive and inspiring.

The stackable folding stool set, AA Stool from Japanese architectural and style firm Torafu Architects reflects practical Japanese furniture design traditions, presenting this wise, space saving resolution for adding far more comfort to modest spaces.

The stackable folding stools are created by Tokyo-based architectural and design studio. The wood furnishings set involves two stools that demonstrate practical, space saving and green design. Produced from two-by-4-inch cedar decking, every stool is slightly higher than the typical chair seat and can be utilised with each other as one seat or two smaller seats when necessary.

Space saving furnishings style concept

wood furniture small stools

Wood furnishings for space saving interior design, stackable stools

folding stool for small spaces

Folding stool for modest spaces

This intriguing space saving notion makes stools quite valuable about the residence. Sturdy and effortless to move, they can be used in rooms and outside. Folding stools are perfect for little spaces, entryways, walk-in closets, bathrooms and children playrooms, and are really useful on balconies and swimming pool patio, in garages, on porches and decks.

Wood furnishings things that are simple and inventive give wonderful inspirations for diy projects. Handmade stackable folding stools are functional and eco friendly products that can make your outdoor rooms and interior style more comfortable without having taking also much space.

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two stackable folding stools made of wood

Space saving stackable folding stools made of cedar wood

wood furniture for small spaces

Wood furniture for little spaces, two stool set

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