Thursday, December 17, 2015

This country residence is situated in Connecticut. The mountain property interior design and decor concepts are inspired by the beautiful Adirondack mountains. Nearby wood crafts, natural materials, logs and tree branches produce amazing, unique and welcoming home with a single-of-a-type structural components and decor accessories.

Furnishings and decor accessories, as effectively as architectural frames, are made of logs and incorporate trees trunks and curvy branches into home interiors. Observed from the outside, the home appears like numerous log houses, featuring gorgeous wooden and stone components and decorated with heavy wooden doors.

The originality consists in trees trunks and large branches, amazing wooden crafts and unique furnishings that adorn the residence interiors and bring a organic, organic feel into modern day interior design and style and decor. With aesthetic and sentimental values, the warm wood and organic stone components are integrated in the house’s structure and interior design and style, producing comfy cabin-like residence decorated in chic style.

Interior style and decor concepts blending carved wood furnishings, logs and tree branches

carved wood furniture in log home

Carved wood furnishings in crafty log property

Incorporating genuine tree trunks into wall style and discovering all furniture pieces produced with modest and huge branches are a genuine challenge for the interior designer and a feeling of satisfaction for the owners that wanted to take pleasure in the trees trunks and big curvy branches as a portion of their daily life.

These residence interiors with sunny warm logs, actual tree trunks and wood furniture with branches add an remarkable atmosphere to interior design and create relaxing environment in harmony with the surrounding forest. Utilizing these trees trunks and generating customized home interiors are the primary theme for the interior design.

carved wood furniture and decor accesssories

Carved wood furnishings and decor accessories

The trees have been cut with their branches intact, dried and then integrated in the interior style as decorative support columns, embellishing the living room. Handmade wood furnishings and carved wood decor accessories function beautiful curvy branches and bring outstanding craftsmanship into nation home decor.

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The lovely items about this spectacular country residence is that it has a story to inform and extremely cozy atmosphere, providing a luxurious retreat in the mountains for individuals that were seeking for a glimpse of outstanding decor and tranquility.

wxterior wooden doors

Log property entrance with huge wood door style

log home interior design and decor

Log home interiors with distinctive carved wood furnishings and wall decorations

modern bathroom design and decor

Modern bathroom with white painted wood furniture

Handmade wood furniture for bedroom decorating

Handmade wood furniture for bedroom decorating

Tree trunks and wooden shelves

Tree trunks and wooden shelves

handmade dining furniture

Hand crafted dining furniture

stone fireplace with log shelf

Stone fireplace decorated with a log shelf, painting and ceramic vases

handmade furniture with tree branches

Incredible handmade furnishings produced with tree branches and solid wood pieces

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