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This modern residence design and style is a renovation project that transformed an old home constructed in 60s into a contemporary dwelling by Hiroyuki Shinozaki Architects, Japan. The contemporary architectural interiors with dramatic Y-shaped wooden frames offer this vibrant, light and welcoming residence for a young family members with a kid.

Located in Matsudo, a residential region on the outskirts of Tokyo, and constructed on a 162 sq m site, the modern day property design and style creates 115 sq m of interesting, spacious and attractive living spaces, excellent for a household life. This house renovating project was planned rebuilding of the old residence and making a new symbol of vibrant future for a young family.

The uncommon and impressive Home H by Hiroyuki Shinozaki Architects, functions a wooden wtructe with Y-shaped wooden frames, creating open living spaces with visually separated functional architectural interiors, uncommon glass doors and intriguing window designs. The contemporary house demonstrates innovative design and style tips even though blending conventional wooden frames into modern interior style and is proposed as a living symbol that can be changed adjusting to a new way of life.

Contemporary home exterior style with uncommon door and window frame

modern house exterior design with unusual door and window frame

Modern day property exterior style with unusual glass door and window frame

A big roof is supported by eight Y-shaped wooden frames that add exclusive components to architectural interiors with hanging second and loft floors. Inspired by attic beams of conventional wooden property design and style, Y-shaped frames run via the whole residence.

Based on the level and place of floorboards, the distance from a massive roof and other living spaces are changing. The modern open living spaces are divided by Y-shaped wooden frames and floorboards into different locations, so that folks feel each other whilst staying in different zones.

house exterior design and backyard

House exterior with a huge roof supported by wooden frames

The structure is a not only functional, but meaningful and decorative element of this contemporary residence design, that produce special architectural interiors united into an open contemporary residence. Wooden frames can be utilized for interior decorating as walls for hanging photographs and making youngsters development chart, turning this architectural interiors into a warm and inviting house with individual specifics.

Modern interior design with wooden walls and ceiling

Charming cottage with large windows

Distinctive property style with roof opening by Studio Velocity, modern day homes in eco style

Natural wood is an excellent developing and interior decorating material. It keeps traces of a household life like a effectively thumbed book.

Architectural interiors with Y-frames

architectural interiors with y shaped frames

Wood house design and style with Y-shaped frames

wood interior design and large windows

Light wood interior design and style with large windows

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Photographer/ Fumihiko Ikemoto

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