Monday, December 28, 2015

Stuck Chair style received a particular mention in the chair style contest in Netherlands. Surprising details, special structural elements, color combination, steel and natural wood make this wood chair an interior decorating item that feels familiar and innovative, interesting and functional.

The Stuck Chair design and style from Oato, gets its name from its unique building of pieces that seem to stick in areas. The shape was achieved by deconstructing the archetypal chair and rearranging components. Now the chair components appear as they are held together by an invisible force.

The straightforward and unusual wood chair design in minimalist style consists of a comfy seat and legs produced of oak wood. A single powder coated steel rod types the back rest of the chair, giving an opportunity to add diverse colour accents to this wood chair design and style.

wood chair with steel rod back rest in turquoise color

Inventive wood furnishings design and style idea, oak wood chair with steel rod back rest

Wood furnishings design suggestions

Original wood dining chair highlighting Japanese veneer method

Contemporary chairs, transformer concepts in wood furniture design

AntiCrisis Chair style providing economic help and space saving storage

Curved steel rod can be painted any colour, adding cheerful and colorful detail to basic and sophisticated wood chair style.

curved steel rod used for chair back rest

Curved steel rod used for producing a comfortable chair back rest

wood chair with metal back rest

Wood chair in minimalist style

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