Sunday, December 13, 2015

Creative birdhouse design and style that appears like a Google Maps red mark, is a inventive attempt to see the globe from distinct perspectives and scale. Artist Shu Chun Hsiao utilized the familiar symbol, the red bubble mark from Google Maps, and applied this fresh style idea to birdhouse style.

Google Map produced a remarkable landmark icon. To search for a landmark with on the web Google Maps application, you scroll to zoom from the satellite, and discover streets practically. Birds can fly via the city, and a birdhouse becomes their location as Google Maps shows.

The red mark birdhouse design project is aiming to place several recognizable birdhouses all over the city for our feathered pals. The iconic Google Maps symbol will grow to be a navigating landmark for the flying birds.

Small birdhouse

birdhouse on stone wall

Red mark-shaped birdhouse on a stone wall

birdhouse on building

Google map red mark inspired birdhouse design

A Taiwanese designer Shu Chun Hsiao appears at altering interactions between macro and micro landscapes. Red mark-shaped birdhouses are physical markers for birds, just like maps marks for folks.

birdhouse on post Modest birdhouse on a wooden post[/caption]

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