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Straightforward craft tips can produce fantastic, handmade and exclusive eco gifts. DIY flat-packed slippers Lasso are a creative and enjoyable design and style notion that is inspiring, easy and very intriguing. Lasso is a pair of slippers that you can make from one piece of wool felt in sophisticated gray colour with a leather sole and laces in numerous vibrant hues.

Warm and comfortable, these slippers make universally appealing and welcomed eco gifts which are accessible from on-line shop Kick The pair of slippers that is simply assembled by you, looks well created and desirable. Really cozy and incredibly comfy, the slippers are superb for moms and dads, children and adults who would appreciate the originality of these distinctive eco gifts.

Made of soft and natural material, wool felt slippers get greater, more comfy with age by shaping to your feet and offering a customized pair of slippers. Each slipper is produced from a single piece of felt in gray color and features a tough leather sole. The flat pattern is shaped into slippers simply by sewing the offered vibrant lace by means of the corresponding pre-reduce holes.

Effortless craft suggestions for special eco gifts

diy wool felt slippers, craft ideas

Flat packed slipper pattern produced with wool felt fabric

These slippers come in the box flat-packed with laces in your favorite colour and provide easy to make craft concepts that even children will take pleasure in, turning a piece of organic felt fabric into a slipper. It requires a few minutes to assemble the slippers and appreciate the ultimate style and comfort of wool felt.

Whether for you or for an individual you care about, young and old, men and ladies, the handmade slippers are distinctive eco gifts with a private touch that will surprise and delight.

sewing slippers of wool felt fabric

Sewing flat-packed pattern with a colorful lace

You can use the laces the organization offers or choose your own. You can add handmade decorations, beads or embroidery patterns, from flowers to private letters, the final result in in your hands. There are many inventive ways to apply these straightforward and simple craft concepts and personalize the slippers, producing really special and special gifts.

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Handmade distinctive gifts made of eco friendly felt

Developed by Gaspard Tiné-Berès and Ruben Valensi, available from

diy wool slippers

Superb eco gifts, DIY wool felt slippers with red laces

making slippers with laces men and women slippers made of wool felt diy slippers with colorful laces wool slippers for kids and adults

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