Sunday, November 1, 2015

Nature inspired design ideas, that provide inventive ways to add green grass to residence decorating, reflect the latest trends in eco friendly architecture and organic interior design and style. Moss and green grass are excellent organic decorating supplies that please with soft texture and delight with lovely color, connecting modern day home interiors with the nature.

Right here is a collection of amazing, innovative and amusing green style suggestions from all around the globe. Bathroom mat with natural moss and dining table with green grass, jewelry with green grass and rooftop gardens, furnishings and cars, covered by growing grass show sensible and not often practical, but creative and surprising ways for bringing green grass into each day life.

Small aquarium that is combined with a planter or cute flip flops, these uncommon and desirable products appear so pleasant and comfy, that immediately improve mood and make everyone smile.

Exclusive green style tips

moss growing on bahroom mat

Green moss developing on bathroom mat

Green design suggestions

Picnyc Table by Haiko Cornelissen, dining table with green grass prime

Green roof, sustainable architecture and rooftop gardens

Grass tile styles by Causas Esternas, contemporary floor decor suggestions

Colorful miniature planters adding mini garden design and style to your bike

flip flops with grass

Green grass increasing on flip flops

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