Sunday, November 15, 2015

Contemporary furniture style is a surprising blend of inventive ideas, new types and exciting components. Fernando Laposse, a student at London College of Art and Design, created these fabulous contemporary furnishings pieces, a floor lamp, vases and planters, combining natural wood with sponges.

His contemporary furniture collection appear functional, comfy and extremely decorative. The special texture make furniture look interesting and uncommon. Its neutral colors perform nicely with all-natural wood tones, making pleasing an eye combinations of neutral colors.

The designer was born in Mexico. Perhaps that’s why he got inspired by the warmth of his nation and sponges that grow on the seabed. A wet bathroom sponge, made from a sponge skeleton, is soft and warm. The LUFA Series collection that include remarkable furnishings and lighting fixtures seem extremely familiar and warm also.

Sponge and wood furniture, decor accessories and floor lamp

sponge furniture and lighting

Sponge and wood furnishings, decor accessories and lighting fixture

Very ancient animals, sponges are utilised as a decorative material now, creating a fantastic mixture with yet another natural material, wood, and offering excellent inspirations for diy style projects and crafts.

Fernando Laposse, decided to experiment with tube sponges, giving them one more purpose and type. Higher good quality loofah sponges offer you thermal insulation and exclusive grain structure, creating distinct modern day furnishings and lighting fixtures.

planters made with loofah sponge

Planters created with loofah sponge, unique residence decor accessories

Light and inexpensive loofah sponges are an intriguing material that has a wonderful potential in design of eco friendly goods, that are functional and original.

Decorating with coral images, contemporary property decorations and interior design ideas

Glowing design concepts from the ocean floor

The LUFA Series collection involves a floor lamp, a coffee table, decorative screen and space dividers.The project represents the interior of a floor lamp, planters and vases, coffee table, decorative screens and area dividers.

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