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Luxurious vila with impressive architectural interiors and outdoor living spaces is a operate by Dutch architect Osiris Hertman. This Balinese villas demonstrates appealing architectural functions and a state of the art decorating tips generating fabulous architectural design and style. Unusual and conventional materials, spacious interior design and style and customized decor are blended with Balinese decorating tips and unique handicrafts.

Dutch architect and designer Osiris Hertman, creates comfortable, functional and chic interior style and decor for his clientele. His lovely residences function bold modern space style, enhanced by spectacular views. Lush vegetation and wonderful outside swimming pool with a stone bridge add to aesthetic appeal of this massive Balinese villa.

Sliding glass panels produce massive windows and fashionable glass wall styles, separating living spaces and a garden. Beautiful wooden decks about the house with a large swimming pool, dead tree sculptures, gorgeous plants, stone pebble decorations and inviting seating places add a welcoming and relaxing feel to contemporary architectural style.

Spectacular villa with Balinese furniture

living room design, balinese furniturecor

Spacious living space design with Balinese furniture made of nearby dark wood

This luxurious villa in Bali is developed for a wealthy couple, a jewelry magnate and his wife. The Dutch couple bought the villa and wanted to redesign residence interiors in elegant contemporary style. The architect decided to connect the house design and home interiors to nature, opening living spaces with sliding glass panels that serve as large windows.

Living area, dining space and kitchen are united in a single open space with a pleasant view of a tranquil garden style. Outside rooms and property interiors can be very easily separated in case of bad weather with the fashionable, ephemeral and sensible glass wall style. A bridge developed with stone slabs leads to a huge pool and a lounge area with a gazebo and sun loungers.

dining furniture and pendant lights

Dining furnishings and big pendant lights

Before starting the project, the designer lived in a villa for handful of days. He wanted to realize the pros and cons of existing architectural design and style and interiors. He analyzed how the light is distributed for the duration of day and impacts the colors and finishes in distinct rooms.

Luxurious glass property with impressive glass walls and lighting design

25 wine storage tips adding luxury to modern interior design and style

Wood and concrete in modern house style

The floors on the ground floor are produced of colored concrete that add lovely light green colors to interior design and style. The concrete was applied to a metal frame to generate the impression of massive floor tiles. Concrete wall design and style is lighter, adding creamy gray color to modern interior style.

modern bathroom design with two sinks and bathtub

Contemporary bathroom design and style with two sinks, big wall mirror, wood furniture and bathtub on concrete floor

Wood furnishings and unique bathroom fixtures, sculptures and decorative accessories demonstrate original designs and add classic Asian interior decorating colors to sophisticated interior design. Wood furniture products are produced by neighborhood craftsmen in accordance with designer’s sketches. As the result, these modern architectural interiors and space decor functions conventional Balinese things, customized and developed for contemporary luxurious life style.

Interior design suggestions

unique lighting and wall design light and dark wood staircase design contemporary style bedroom decorating ideas bedroom decor, balinese furniture contemporary bathroom design ideas unique lighting and pebble wall design for foyer decoratingbalinese stone sculpture balinese furniture decorated with leather stone wall design and wall lights in dining room large pendant lights for dining room decorating wood kitchen cabinets and island design flass wall design with sliding panels pebbles bathtub and bathroom decor ideas

House exterior design and style and outdoor living spaces

Patio design with outdoor fireplace in contemporary style and wood furniture for dining

Patio design with outdoor fireplace in contemporary style and wood furnishings for dining

stone bridge to swimming pool stone bridge and deck around swimming pool dead tree sculpture on wooden deck swimming pool design balinese villa with outdoor swimming pool

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