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A compact and mobile kitchen cabinet Stewart & Justin Case is a contemporary unit for tiny kitchens that attributes crucial storage and all components of modern kitchens, providing space saving, functional, convenientstyle for contemporary nomad life style.

The compact kitchen style is designed by Maria Lobisch and Andreas Nather. Stewart & Justin Case was 1 of six projects presented by the students of Burg Giebichenstein Hochschule fur Kunst und Design Halle at DMY international style festival in Berlin in 2010 and reflect modern day kitchen trends permitting individuals to modify locations with out compromising the certain level of comfort.

This compact and mobile unit shows how a square meter of kitchen interiors can be created to be ergonomic and functional. Modest kitchens style delivers a lot of special space saving ideas and reexamines modern kitchen design and style. The project was initiated following observing the inefficiencies of a static kitchen cabinets, specially a conflict they produce with modern nomad way of life.

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Mobile tiny kitchen design

space saving kitchen cabinet

Space saving concepts for small kitchens and modern nomad life-style

space saving contemporary kitchens

Compact and mobile tiny kitchen design and style

The compact kitchen design and style permits several attainable configurations to adjust the mobile unit to distinct kitchen interiors and needs. The compact kitchen design and style features a belt method which holds the elements together.

There are two halves that permit higher efficiency in a variety of kitchen tasks. One portion of this mobile kitchen unit is equipped with a sink, drying rack, shelving system for storage. An additional component of the compact kitchen unit can be employed as a dining table for 4.

space saving small kitchens

Space saving tiny kitchens parts, dining table and little kitchen island for preparing meals

Every portion of this space saving kitchen design and style is arranged so that when collapsed, all vital components of small kitchens design are accessible. The compact mobile unit is created from steel components, wood and a strap conventionally employed for the production of load lifting slings.

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