Tuesday, November 3, 2015

A single of the most exciting designers in the world, Ross Lovegrove created the BIOPHILIA Collection of contemporary chairs in carious colors for Italian business Vondom. These elegant and lovely chairs demonstrate organic design and style and artistic interpretation of all-natural types, providing attractive modern furniture items for dining space decorating.

Modern day chairs reflect organic curiosity, inexhaustible power, craving novelty and constant willingness of the designer to make bold experiments and uncover new furniture design and style concepts that turn useful and functional furnishings into thrilling artworks, demonstrating organic colors and organic design.

The new furniture collection consists of modern chairs, inspired by natural types and motifs, and designed with newest components and contemporary technologies. Although working on a collection the designer studied creations of Antonio Gaudi. the pioneer of organic design. His masterpiece, like Sagrada Familia church, inspired these contemporary chairs, created with digital technology and sophisticated technique of making rotary molding merchandise from polymers.

Organic style concepts in modern day chairs

modern chairs, organic design

Exclusive furnishings style in Art Nouveau style

Laptop technologies allowed the designer to recreate organic types that we can see in nature. Organic forms and colors created these exclusive furniture pieces which are attractive, decorative and modern.

Ideal for dining space decorating in Art Nouveau style and eclectic interiors, these modern chairs bring a romantic really feel and harmonious style into rooms whilst demonstrating the beauty of the organic planet and organic design and style.

BioMorph organic design and style exhibition, contemporary chairs

Exclusive furnishings and decor accessories from Hella Jongerius

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