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Modern residence style with an indoor garden and a green rooftop garden enables to appreciate the freshness of the green regions in a busy urban environment. The property style with an indoor garden brings the charm of nation living style into dynamic and noisy New York.

Broadway Penthouse is a loft renovation and interior style project created by Joel Sanders Architect studio, presented this beautiful home for green living in a large city. Comfy and stylish Broadway penthouse is a good way to appreciate a green garden in your house, that tends to make balconies, interior style and decor in eco style a lot more appealing and pleasant.

In large cities, as a crowded and bustling New York, USA, folks are lacking an chance to relax in green gardens. The indoor garden is an element of nature, support adapt modern day house style tips to current trends and produce gorgeous interior design and style and decor in eco style.

Contemporary apartment ideas and loft renovation inspirations

glass walls for indoor garden

Loft renovation, contemporary apartment ideas, indoor garden

The American home design studio Joel Sanders Architect have developed an impressive green living design and style, providing the spacious penthouse, situated on Broadway.

Reclaimed wood pieces add walnut tree colour to contemporary interior design and decor, producing contrasts with white walls. Warm wood soften the elements of industrial space and produce comfy and cozy atmosphere. Recycled glass pieces create the indoor garden walls, supplying a lovely view and providing a visual connection in between the green zones located at a variety of locations and apartment interior decor.

staircase design with indoor garden

Staircase design and style and indoor garden with glass walls

Beautiful green style, spacious modern interiors, lots of light and air, straightforward and elegant furnishings and decor makes this dream home a correct retreat for these who appreciate eco residences in contemporary style.

Parisian penthouse apartment concepts, modern penthouses and interior design and style

Glass residence design and style with indoor garden, green concepts for contemporary eco homes

Pushing green design and style beyond the familiar, this loft renovation and apartment tips rethink the notion of an urban garden by literally bringing the outside in. Exterior wood decking and vegetation flow into the heart of the loft forming a planted core, a living green veil that screens the public living space and dining space from the private master bedroom.

rooftop garden and terrace

Rooftop garden and terrace, loft renovation and penthouse style concepts

The stair bulkhead doubles as a skylight and provides access to a roof terrace planted with small bushes and grasses. The owner can bathe surrounded by lush vegetation visible through a glass wall that separates the bathroom from this planted zone. The rear of the bathroom is clad with modular plant panels. Surmounted by a skylight, this living wall is yet one more element that vertically hyperlinks roof and interior.

modern interior design with indoor garden

Contemporary interior design and decor in eco style, reclaimed wood and indoor garden with recycled glass walls

An eco friendly colour palette of all-natural and synthetic supplies confound traditional distinctions amongst all-natural and artificial. When seen from entry, the planted core merges with the living space. The upholstered floor and seating evoke a textile garden. The interior style and decor counterpart to the roof terrace, where plants define a lovely outside area.

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