Thursday, November 12, 2015

Slot Sofa provides a versatile, functional and modern furniture item that blends contemporary transformer suggestions into space saving furnishings design. The modern sofa involves couple of elements that can create different combinations and supply space saving modular furniture that is soft and comfy.

The contemporary sofa style is developed by American designer Matthew Pauk, and gives couch seats, a modest coffee table and two ottomans. Modular sofa design shows space saving transformer ideas , enhancing traditional living room sofa style for a developing family members.

Slot sofa makes it possible for to use 1 furniture piece as an alternative of yet another. The transformation does not deprive the furnishings item of its core function although delivering further living room furnishings pieces. The sofa design enables to extract a coffee table and two ottomans and produce z cozy seating location without having affecting the major furniture piece.

Transformer concepts for space saving living area furnishings style

living room sofa

Multifunctional and versatile living room sofa

The tiny furniture items slide back under the sofa when they are not in use, and the primary furnishings pieces keeps searching like a contemporary sofa whilst hiding the rest furniture pieces.

The  coffee table is made of bended plywood. Ottomans feature leather cushions. Particularly developed magnets preserve ottoman cushions on areas, creating hassle-free contemporary sofa that incorporates transformer concepts into space saving furniture design and style in minimalist style.

Transformer design ideas, space saving furniture for modest rooms

Transformer style concepts, modern day furnishings for modest spaces

Tiny apartment concepts, creative transformer furniture for little spaces

Multifunctional Board Loop transforms into 9 various furnishings pieces

Slot sofa is a dynamic, fascinating and space saving furnishings piece. The creative furnishings design and style notion blends the sofa, coffee table, and ottomans into 1 piece of stylish living room furnishings. The intelligent furnishings design idea utilizes the constructional gaps in between the cushions of the sofa by converting them into tracks for the coffee table which slides in and out.

living room sofa with coffee table and two ottomans

Living area sofa with a sliding out coffee table and two ottomans

When slotted, the coffee table acts as a console. When freed, it acts as a coffee table. The magnetically retained sofa cushions often discover and preserve their optimal position either atop the coffee table for an ottoman or beneath for the coffee table.

modular furniture for small rooms

Space saving furnishings design and style, modular furniture for little rooms

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