Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Sweeper Bio Clean, developed by Kyuho Song, is a small appliance that converts meals and bio waste into electrical power, collecting dust in an eco friendly, power efficient way. Sweeper Bio Clean is 1 of eco friendly merchandise that are ideal for eco homes.

Bio Clean collects dust, utilizing the energy, developed by digesting meals leftovers and kitchen bio waste. The cute tiny house appliance converts it into bio fuel energy, eating the kitchen waste and transforming the power to power the small sweeper.

Bio Clean helps get rid of bio waste and maintain floor dust-cost-free. Appealing and eco friendly style, modest size and the simplicity make the sweeper best for modern day way of life and will be appreciated by busy people who assistance green concepts.

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Modest home appliance that eats bio waste

small home appliance that convert food waste into electricityGreen ideas for eco homes, tiny property appliance that converts meals waste into electricity

sweeper that eats food waste and cleans the floor Modern sweeper that eats meals waste and cleans the floor

Finding renewable sources of power that are clean and eco-friendly and designing eco friendly items that are effective, easy to use and eye-catching are hot topics these days.

The sweeper Bio Clean that is making use of bio fuel and converting it into the clean power is a nice machine that will be enjoy by little ones and adults.

converting food waste into energyConverting meals waste into power, green ideas for eco residences

Effortless to use modest home appliance will function nicely as a sweeper, and can be employed as a small garbage bin for collecting kitchen waste, supplying far more convenience and functionality.

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small home appliances that uses bio fuelSmall residence appliance style concept

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